New Products

New Product: Aqua SL-415-Schichtlack represents a new generation of clean lacquers Water-based company from Remmers, he was introduced to the German Woodworking Fair a huge success. Applications: furniture, interior design and in particular for doors, used as a primer and as a finishing layer, used as a topcoat when using colored paints. Properties: very beautiful lines, excellent adhesion properties, priming, fast and easy to grind, there is 1-component that is resistant to Effects of PVC plasticizers suitable for coating of internal doors, suitable for use on vertical surfaces, provides improved durability thanks to hardener Aqua H-480-H rter a wide range of received the degree of brilliance. There are currently issue the first batch Aqua SL-415-Schichtlack. Details can be found by clicking Robotics expert or emailing the administrator. New Product: SM-820-Strukturmittel is a powder for structural coatings. Applications: suitable for polyurethane varnishes, lacquers and water-based, for the manufacture of structural varnishes for use in steklolakah (to achieve the blast effect). Properties: varnish get a rough surface, become more wear and dull; in flooring is used to improve anti-slip properties, easy to use dispenser supplied by a simple processing with the help of mixers and spray gun. Flow rate: 70 ml / l of varnish, ready to use, packed in 0.5 kg.

Section covering for windows and other wooden items New products: insulating undercoat and intermediate coat. As part of the meetings were detailed sales presents new primer and intermediate coat for efficient isolation of substances in the wood. Features: wide range of effects of isolating substances in the wood, provides isolation of substances in a timber, without the use of zinc oxide ZnO: thus maintained a constant viscosity at different periods of aging; has a Water Hazard Class instead of the usual 2 states class. Packed in containers with a capacity of: 5.20 and 120 liters. New Products: a primer with biocides for window designs. Primers Induline GW-306 (based on primer Induline GW-300) and Induline GW-206 (based on primer Induline GW-207) with biocidal additives against blue stain and rot available now.