Laptop Screens

Recall that the matrix in this model is manufactured by standard technology, tn + film. At the moment absolutely all screens for laptops are made by this technology. Its peculiarity is that it has relatively good side viewing angles, but the top and bottom are all the more disgusting, especially the bottom. If you look at laptop screen is not at right angles, and the top or bottom, is very much distorted shades of color and brightness drops sharply. The problem is that the vertical orientation of the matrix top and bottom sides are.

And now, it is necessary to reject head to one side (or turn it to the plate), as the picture begins to darken rapidly and lose contrast. When working it is very noticeable. If you place the plate on the table to read anything because of falling brightness, contrast and system. In TH2 established an excellent touch screen, which responds to the stylus and the touch of a finger. The stylus is here as in the devices Wacom. The screen begins to react to him when the stylus is hovering somewhere in centimeter from the surface.

Like, stylus is able to distinguish the degree of depression, which is useful for drawing, but I did not have software, where it could be verified. Stylus on a button to press if it is, the touch screen is regarded as right-clicking. The reverse side of the stylus for applications that know about it, works like an eraser. Pen stylus relatively soft, but the screen goes with an audible sound of friction, and it seemed to me that the screen is slightly month, and already I was akkuraten.Vtoroy input method – your own finger.