Modern Glazing Of Balconies And Loggias

Very well, if you have at home is a balcony or terrace. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. But the majority was not formed at a very good impression about this place. Rather, in front of you had a way more cluttered with unnecessary things space, where to go and not very pleasant. Today there is fashion trend glazed loggia. It turns out that if the balcony to remove unnecessary things, then put the box in order to not hear the city noise, in this place can be a good idea to spend time.

Properly Equipped balcony suitable for both work and leisure. But if you want to spend their free time on the balcony and in the winter, it should be warmed, and help us in this material such as wood, aluminum and plastic. The choice of material depends on personal preferences and, of course, the financial possibilities. More recently, the fashion was a tree. The main arguments for choosing this material for finishing the loggia, became very reasonable price and attractive appearance.

But it is worth noting that he has a number of drawbacks. First, the tree needs a thorough and careful care and other long it will last you do not. Second, there is practically no insulation. Third, the temperature on the balcony is higher than in the street just a couple of degrees. And in those components tree loses plastic and aluminum. But the frame of aluminum and plastic require virtually no care themselves, and besides, they are more functional than wooden frames. The main convenience of aluminum frames is that they are equipped with sliding doors, and plastic are warm and have different modes of ventilation and opening. This allows you to save a little space a balcony, while at the doors swing open wooden frames and only. Aluminium and PVC windows have high integrity, which eliminates likelihood of water to the loggia. These frames have almost the perfect look. Thanks to the powder enamel, which is specially coated profiles, the color becomes saturated, smooth and durable. In general release white frame, but there may be various options. Again, many prefer the color of the wood, so as not to underestimate the texture of the color. The important point, as with the aesthetic and practical point of view, is the choice glass, which will be used for glazing. Its thickness should not be less than 24 mm. Experts advise to use polished glass, because it is beautiful and fairly easy to use. But this kind of glazing can increase the temperature of the lodge somewhere by 8-11 degrees. If you want to on the balcony was as warm as in the other room, then set the frame of PVC profile with triple-pane windows or single-chamber energy-efficient glass.