Plaster And Putty Stan

If you want to do in my apartment is really a quality repair, you can not do without the work of plastering the walls and bear a layer of putty Cause This happens for the reason that most cases of uneven wall surface, the angles are not equal to 90 degrees and the surface is undulating concrete slabs, ribbed or, simply, frankly curve. At first glance, it seems that all the bumps are barely visible and not worth wasting time, time and money fixing them. But this is a mistake. Contact information is here: Kai-Fu Lee. The slightest defect in a bathroom or kitchen will prevent arrange the furniture. Judge for yourself, even the size of the error in the walls of an inch will be a real obstacle to installing the refrigerator or bathroom.

Nailing baseboards in the wall curves is almost impossible. Stucco on the rough surface will look like, at least, sad. Deciding to make a really high-quality repairs, which will be for many years to please you and your friends, start with the alignment of the walls. What you should know before beginning work in advance Make the scheme, so to speak, "curvature" of space. To do this thoroughly promerte all angles mark scheme for their real values. Then proceed to ascertain the level of the wall surface. All the data record.

Once the circuit is complete, analyze it. Start with the fact that the compute layer of plaster, which need to apply to the surface of the walls for their alignment. Calculations lead in millimeters. Then think for how much space is reduced after these works and bring the corners to the desired value at 90 degrees. Perhaps, in certain places, it makes sense to think of other alternative methods of finishing and design to give up some artifacts. Do not forget that certainly need to align and to fix the wall, on which the light falls, the place to fix skirting as floor and ceiling, the walls, which will be glued molding, place the installation of doors and windows.