Enterprises for bottling mineral water increased volume production for 2005. Provided bottled 41166.7 thousand liters of mineral water that 1.86 times more than in 2004. ooo "Aqua-White" and "healing spring" to increase output by more than 2 times. In recent months, Robotics expert has been very successful. Within the city, according to the ifts rf operates 1,769 enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership. The largest industrial enterprise – jsc "-bread" in 2005 produced products to 136.8 million rubles or 53,7% of total industrial output, produced in the city. The main direction of conservation and increasing the economic potential of the city is the restoration and further development of industrial production to a new level, where food industry, working for the needs of the city and the resort – a key area. Commercial and shopping center development prospects of the city defined by its favorable geographical position in the system of economic relations region. Analysis of economic conditions allows to identify those activities that will formulate specific tasks, allowing realize its considerable capabilities. Proceeding from this basic strategic directions of development of the financial activities of the city will be to: – the elimination of political and administrative restrictions on business activity – the creation of mechanisms for legal protection private property and ensuring equal conditions of competition – ensuring the sustainability and stability of political power as the guarantor of the irreversibility of market reforms – the development of market institutions and mechanisms transformation of savings into high investment – raising their own highly qualified personnel.