What happened in the world of digital advertising? If we stop to observe what has happened in the last decade, we will see that until the more benjamin Marketing projects online already has its own history and a clear return to advertising there is display on the Internet. Pete Cashmore pursues this goal as well. A return which results in a higher roi for companies when a banner is used as in the old days but integrated within a global strategy on the internet. Not so much the famous banner standard but smaller ones, which added animation and creativities in blogroll, etc. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic. In the end; fashion advertising disguised as a PPC ads with Adwords to head, seems to be decreasing as it increases the cost of bids and the same Adwords comes offering a greater roi to the sponsoring companies through attractive spaces of display advertising that catch an audience, much more confident 10 years that when you click on a banner the landing page will now be useful. In part, the great difficulty that traversed the Display advertising came from the hand of the bad experience that it brought popups and (above all the static) banners carrying dubious pages, in times in which Internet enjoyed less security and trusted by users.

Happily and achieved an important experience curve, people trust, needs and selects each time more internet for almost everything you can do in the form online. But, it was also stagnant in a certain way at the points at which the global crisis made theirs. If there is a crisis, among the first budget items that it looks affected is investment in Branding, which brings more long-term results and precisely, the branding is the great fortress of graphical advertising or display. The content display comes today enriched with animation and video hand. Today, there is one smaller gap between the content offered on the internet and the content the average user could view.