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Democratic Republic

It is so common to wake up every morning, open the newspaper, and discover a new series of murders, thefts and disappearances both officials and civilians. Still, what really strikes to the eyes of the society is the naturalness with which Mexicans already see these facts and, worse still, the way in which are exploited […]

The Future

Venezuela, Brazil, Autonomous Communities in Spain and Extremadura also participate very actively in the free software movement while using tools in educational settings in the community and the development and improvement of free software tools for use public and private. At present there is one user who has browsed the internet without having to do […]

Why Should I Use Bloglines As My Default RSS Reader

The choice of a decent RSS reader to browse and read your favorite RSS feeds was not an easy task. I tried and tried different windows desktop readers but I ended up uninstalling for one reason or another. Then I found Bloglines and I am pleased to say that have not been disappointed with it. […]