The Future

Venezuela, Brazil, Autonomous Communities in Spain and Extremadura also participate very actively in the free software movement while using tools in educational settings in the community and the development and improvement of free software tools for use public and private. At present there is one user who has browsed the internet without having to do with free software to some extent since it is both the rise of the use of free software at the enterprise level that the vast majority of websites are scheduled to php language a language which is released under the GNU GPL or run on an Apache web server that has become the right choice for anyone looking for an agile and dynamic server, provided accessible and very short reset periods, also a GNU GPL tool. GNU / Linux is in part due to its portability the option of choice to install routers, cell phones and computers with new hardware on which it is no longer possible to run modern software.

Linux’s modular architecture enables the system to adapt to the hardware of the machine by turning off unnecessary services to boot allowing optimization of processes and peak performance. a The Future of Free Software in Brazil’s presidential election were performed and used free software in the voting system had to allow inspectors from all political parties to inspect the software code to eliminate any fraudulent practices. I wonder how many electoral fraud have occurred because of manipulation of code in all those countries that use a proprietary system which only can see who programmed and / or modify it. It is urgent that the use of free software extends I played for more than six years as administrator of Linux systems and micro.