Democratic Republic

It is so common to wake up every morning, open the newspaper, and discover a new series of murders, thefts and disappearances both officials and civilians. Still, what really strikes to the eyes of the society is the naturalness with which Mexicans already see these facts and, worse still, the way in which are exploited to control us. Rosario Robles mentioned in the edition of the public from April 4 that this doctrine of fear is a weapon for Governments to pass by on the rights of citizens which stipulates our law and to be able to keep at Bay the social idealism. This doctrine is to control the population through fear; i.e. keep society in a State of constant insecurity, so you may not notice other actions carried out under the water. This is really a violence on the freedom of citizens and is, pardon the expression, a vaunted mother to the Mexican people that the State takes advantage of fear and desire of living safe to commit atrocities such as draw the army into the streets, creating society seals military and making unjustified searches that are nothing more than means to criminalize the citizenship and a time bomb which may represent a serious threat to future; actions that not only encourage unrest and fear of people, but that our Constitution itself prohibits widely. Already quickly forgot the Government that Mexico is a Democratic Republic and not an authoritarianism?