National Influenza Centre

Local outbreaks of avian influenza in the Rostov region – a consequence of delayed flights of wild birds to warmer climes, says academician of RAMS, Director of the National Influenza Centre of the World Health Organization (WHO) in St. Petersburg, Oleg Kiselev. "Abnormally warm November and December have adjusted terms of migratory birds in the south of Russia – the likely carriers of H5N1 virus" – says Oleg Kiselyov, – 'wild individuals could pass domesticated relatives highly pathogenic virus. " Head of the National Influenza Centre believes that global climate change and weather on the planet will continue to make adjustments in the timing and route of migratory birds. Another reason eat healthy food … Another discovery in the field of health have done to U.S.

researchers. After a series of experiments, they concluded that the levels of cholesterol in cell membranes in the ear can affect hearing person. The amount of substance in this area of the body is formed at birth and did not significantly change throughout life. However, the levels of cholesterol in the blood vary with dietary preferences of a person, which also affects the amount of ear cells. Doctors have found that regular consumption of large portions of fatty food, affects not only heart health but also can affect the hearing, raising the levels of cholesterol. Thus, American researchers have found that by avoiding fatty foods from your diet can regulate the cellular mechanisms responsible for the amount of cholesterol and thus save your ears are in good condition. Japanese kill whales prohibit … Japan has decided to stop the program whaling off the coast of Antarctica.

According to available information, stop hunting for a while until the Government negotiating with international organizations opposing whaling. Animal-welfare advocates say that hunters of whales mock animals, using as a murder weapon harpoons, which prolong the suffering of whales and several hours. In 2004, the Association for the Protection of whales allowed to hunt animals by 1.4 thousand to three countries – Norway, Iceland and Japan. In the future the organization hoped to completely stop the destruction of whales, but to do it her way and failed, and given that whaling is a traditional occupations in Norway, Iceland and Japan to do so in the near future will be extremely difficult … Discuss>>>