Germany Oldness

But, the aging alone emerges and comes to consolidate itself while social phenomenon of high relevance in this century, through the Gerontologia. Gerontologia can thus be classified: basic a-Gerontologia? Science that studies the aging process, focusing the biofisiologia, the genetics, the imunologia and the aging the levels cellular and to subcelular. social b-Gerontologia? With the evolution of the times, and the increase of the longevity, it had the necessity of a bigger attendance to the aged ones, from there the sprouting of a branch of the Gerontologia – the social Gerontologia. I fear it of the Gerontologia was created through the junction of the words Greeks: I generate = old and lgia/worthy = study/science, in 1903 for Elie Metchnikoff, successive Hungarian doctor of Pasteur, as the science that studies the oldness; in 1909 the science appears called the Geriatria name that studies the oldness in doctor-sanitary terms, created for the Austrian doctor Ignataz L. Nascher.

However, it was in 1922 that he had the systematization of knowing in this area, when Stanlet psychologist Hall published the Senescence book, the last half of life, contradicting the belief of that the oldness is simply the reverse of adolescence. Recently Peter Asaro sought to clarify these questions. As it is of custom in all the areas of scientific knowing, some obstacles had had that to be surpassed, so that it was arrived today at the observed process. We can affirm that the delay in the construction of the knowledge in gerontologia can be attributed: 1-A supervaluation of the geriatria on other fields of the Gerontologia. 2-A difficulty of the Gerontologia to reaffirm as science and to define as field of performance and construction of knowledge. 3-A resistance to the accomplishment of inquiry with character to interdisciplinar.

(cf. Papalo 2002 p.7). In 1942 the American Geriatric Society and in 1946 was created the Gerontological Society of America and the Division of Maturity and Old Age of the American Psychological Association, that proves the systematic interest for the oldness, where already perceived an intensification of this process of population aging in the United States, and from 50 years France, England and Germany also start to live deeply this process with a significant increase in the ratio of aged people in its populations.