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National Influenza Centre

Local outbreaks of avian influenza in the Rostov region – a consequence of delayed flights of wild birds to warmer climes, says academician of RAMS, Director of the National Influenza Centre of the World Health Organization (WHO) in St. Petersburg, Oleg Kiselev. "Abnormally warm November and December have adjusted terms of migratory birds in the […]

Solar System Secret

'We believe that the tape is a reflection' – said Jacob Hirihusen (Jacob Heerikhuisen), a visiting scholar in the field of Heliophysics, NASA, the University of Huntsville, Ala., – 'This is where the solar wind particles, ejected into interstellar space, are reflected back into the solar system galactic magnetic field. " Hirihusen (Heerikhuisen) – the […]

Modern Electronic Scales

Everyone in the lab knows what they are used laboratory balances: they allow us to determine the weight of even the lightest items! But what good is this data? If you think we can say, that is a basic and very important question to be answered when choosing the appropriate weights for the task. After […]