The marketing information systems are permanent structures, organized, structured holistic and people-to-date technology and procedures aimed at the preservation, processing and dissemination of information to facilitate decision making by those responsible for the organization , why an information system is very important to marketing executives since been tabled to these structured, namely that the system must have a reason for Managing Partner their existence, a goal, and must be organized to respond to that objective. An information system is permanent, continuously updated so that it is installed in corporate culture and serve as a source of information for decision making, thus gaining a competitive edge. The goal of this tool is to collect relevant information, since this is one of the things that matter has cer well, regardless of where they work. There are many ways that data can be wrong, can not be the type of information required, it is easy to EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund combine data that should not be mixed, those responsible for collecting it to use different procedures for doing so, may have information on the process is not known. The possibilities are endless error. So always be suspicious of the information and how it was collected until proven to be reliable. EnTrust Capital Why different methods are designed to collect information to provide better service and customer as: The cycle order – shipping – invoice: In this method, companies have implemented software to collect orders, in order to save information needed that is what they want and what most customers demand so that they can provide better service. Analysis of lost customers: This system is used to call on customers who stopped buying in companies, is looking for old customers and conduct surveys because they stopped buying the products offered in the company. entrustcapital Sales Information System: This method has allowed firms to increase their productivity, allowing us to have real time information. Databases, data warehouse and analysis: with companies that organize information in customer database by product, by vendors so you can cross this information with different databases. Panel: In periodic surveys are done which makes a series of questions which helps to decipher the level of expectations they had before buying a particular product and how they perceive the product after purchase.