Museums Romantic

Museums XX Romantic Museum. The museum recognized by the National Network of Museums in the city are: Romantic Museum: works in a neoclassical style mansion in the traditional neighborhood of El Prado. Displays objects representing the history and culture of the city, from costumes Carnival queens, even a replica of the old ridge Abello (now walk Bolivar), to the typewriter that Gabriel Garc a M rquez wrote his first novel , Leaf Storm. There is also the Liberator Sim n Bol var letters, photographs, albums, collections of old newspapers, among other things that identify the history Dominica of the city. Anthropological and Ethnological Museum: located in the building of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Atlantic. Created in 1940, is the National Cultural Heritage. It has a complete collection of pieces of indigenous cultures that inhabited the region. It provides services newspaper library, reading room and exhibition.Museum of Modern Art in Barranquilla: established in 1994, introduced a major selection of works by several of the most important artists of the second half of the twentieth century. His collection, which for reasons of space is being withheld, is presented to the public through exhibitions, including works by renowned authors such as Fernando Botero, Alejandro Obreg n, Enrique Grau and Luis Caballero, among others. Aviation Museum: Founded in 1989, is located at the Naval School ARC NCO, pays tribute to the impetus given in Barranquilla commercial aviation in the early twentieth century. It is administered by the Civil Aviation Authority.Journal Bolivarian Museum: founded in 1983 and assigned to the area of cultural extension of the Sim n Bol var University, contains the most comprehensive collection of world literature, more than 5,000 volumes on the life and work of the Liberator Sim n Bol var. Science Museum Natural Biffi La Salle College: Founded in 1918, has a collection of 10,000 objects among which a herbarium specimens collected between 1918 and 1936, and mastodon fossils and cultural objects tairona. Elsa Caridi Carnival Museum: exhibits murals, costumes, objects, photos and musical instruments related to the Carnival. Located within the Casa del Carnaval. Other museums recognized by the National Network of Museums include the Museum of Authors Coste os Journal (founded 1984), Elida Lara Museum Foundation (founded in 2000) and the aforementioned Caribbean Museum.