Nordic Mobile Telephony

Go to digital telecommunications standard for the company became one of the most important strategic decision that was confirmed in the early 70's release switch DX 200. Equipped with a computer at the time high-level language and microprocessors, Intel, he was so successful that even today the idea embodied in it are the foundation for telecommunications infrastructure companies. However, adequate assessment of those distant events has come very recently, in those days, most analysts believe that wireless is hopeless, will be accessible only to a limited number of people for large sums of money. And in 1981, created the first mass cellular system swept Sweden and Finland and was called Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT). Later it included other countries in Europe and beyond. The system was based on the technologies Nokia.

A rapid development of the mobile phone industry. Launched in 1981, NMT was the first commonly occurring cellular standards. In 1989, together with two Finnish telecommunications operators Nokia creates an alliance to develop work of the first GSM-network. In 1990 he was invited to Nokia Jorma Ollila, who headed the department of cell phones. Regarding this new trend has been much talk and doubt. Nevertheless, Nokia believed in digital mobile communication with confidence and continue its work.

Jorma Ollila headed the company as the time when she needed a breath of fresh air. And Nokia will soon start production quickly to build momentum. Already by 1997, Nokia was a manufacturer of mobile phones almost all major digital Standards: GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, TDMA, CDMA and Japan Digital.