Method Losevsky based on detoxification of the total toxicity by exposure to steam, saturated medicinal compounds from herbs decoction (in one collection contained a mixture of 40 herbs). Hypertension uterus myoma, mastopathy, cysts of any cause are not contraindications. The steam is fed into the barrel, made of cedar, whose age is more than 300 let.Temperatura pair is not high, individually adjustable, no heating organism, and for surface effects that will reveal the capillaries and pores patient's head is out of the barrel, he breathes neperegretym air, in connection with which there is no increase in blood pressure, overheating of the body. Course of treatment is 10 sessions. The procedure lasts up to 1.5 hours, including 15 minutes the patient is in a barrel, after which adopts herbal tea and a rest.

Then the specialist makes rubbing (with elements of medical massage), balms and alcoholic extracts of herbs. The high concentration of medicinal compounds in parokontsentrate helps fill the capillaries with blood, full disclosure of the sweat pores and sebaceous glands, which leads to maximum the removal of toxins from the body, as well as the absorption of therapeutic compounds. As a result, cleanses the body at the tissue and cellular level, normalizes metabolism, improves the function of all organs and systems, that leads to the restoration of self-defense forces of the organism, its rejuvenation. Learn more details you can follow the link below