Genie Backup Manager

To create disk images, it is not even trying, but it has System Restore using boot CD – Disaster Recovery. Program supports all three types of backup: full, differential and incremental. There is also a function of rotation of backups – it is possible to consistently perform full and incremental backups in the same problem. It has a large number of backup presets and advanced task scheduler, with function off the computer after the backup. The program also successfully implemented the ability to select different versions of files and folders to restore: the program offers a list of all available options from which to choose at will. But in all this ointment there and fly in the ointment – Genie Backup Manager skips files! This fact was noted multiple user reviews on the Internet. That is the choice for data backup Genie Backup Manager sometimes "sees" not all files are present on the computer! Supported by writing to the following media: hard disk, magnetic tape, CD, DVD, FTP, SFTP, USB, online server. The price of the manufacturer's site: $ 49.95 Handy Backup Handy Backup software Novosoft also intended primarily for the backup file system.

Regarding the possibility of a backup disk image it is present in the form of paid plug-Image backup. File copying in Handy Backup is organized simply and conveniently. Initially, you create a task copy, then choose what data would back up, and in This will help you filter the inclusion and exclusion of data, as well as special presets, including those for copying mail from the server.