Iron Industry

At this time, the market of computer components (hereinafter – “Iron”) is growing by leaps and bounds. There are new video cards, processors, is rapidly increasing number of cores, memory and takes a prohibitive rate was marked DDR3 and so on and so. But is it worth to spread a terrible amount of money for a new video card, and if is, when? In this article I reflect on this theme, which is likely to help you avoid losing money is needed. Article, I think, is useful for both novice in this area, and those who are sitting at your computer quite a while. So, if you buy a new computer in accordance with the last word, it is likely that you or your child will play on it in the game and probably not the simplest game, but very demanding of computer resources .. If not, then most likely you are using a powerful resource programs, or just like to make it work ultra fast .. Unless something out of so I do not know why you’re buying top-end computer:) In the case of, if not particularly interesting to read about each component – I advise to go to the bottom of the conclusions of the article.

I’ll start with perhaps the processor .. Multi-core processors – it is certainly well – great frequency, a lot of cache, etc. and etc. .. But there is one “but” .. Not all (read very many) and games are able to work and load two processor cores .