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The Doctrine

It is subject is worked little in the Peruvian right, thus we must need that it finds but development in the Spanish right, in such sense is possible to be applied to the compared right caul consists of applying receptions, transplants, comparisons, macrocomparisons, microcomparisons, to the right, that is to say, within the compared right […]

Acai Berry

What is Acai Berry? Acai Berry is a fruit that comes from the palm of acai, this fruit grows especially in the rainy forest to the north of Brazil in the Amazon, the native Indians of have harvested it to the Amazon by hundreds of years, these take the fruits from the palm soon to […]

Brazilian People

The Brazilian people is an excellent consumer. Month for the majority of the people is enough to leave the wage that one to run them store and to search the things that they need and the ones that they also do not need. Beyond the accounts that everybody must pay, what surplus generally is expense […]

The Individuality

Practical of individual relationships and the local society, added to the development of the communication technology, that for signal is provoking an evolution in the tourism, it places the paradox global politician under new searchlights and needs to be studied the new paper of the State, in the new chances of global and regional development. […]