Audio Branding – Marks. Moves. Inspired.

21st May 2017 / Author: thecell

More and more small businesses discover the potential of acoustic brand management to establish its corporate identity. “A brand goes to the heart. You must love it and live.” (Schiller, heirs, Halliday 2006) Every company wants to transport a certain message. Every successful company utilizes however, that an enormous Emotionalising and strengthen the corporate brand can be combined with the right form of such a message. Audio branding uses sounds to create a recognizable corporate identity. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Steve Wozniak. In times of increasing competitive pressure and a rapidly increasing range of brands, it is becoming increasingly important to complement the existing corporate design to an auditory part and to establish a distinctive corporate sound with audio branding also for smaller companies.

The opportunity for the ear”pack an audio logo, one with can buzz after the second hearing itself; a jingle, whose slogan goes immediately to the heart; a brand voice that reminds one of someone you love or an atmospheric sound carpet, evokes the feeling of safety and security? the cross-media possibilities of sound as a strategic instrument of brands are as diverse as simple. Audio branding allows direct sensual experience and associations about the sense of hearing. Making brands human you have to spend no vast sums of money to create an ideal connection between brand or service and an individual sound experience. In a detailed analysis of core values of the company obtained together with a sound professional advance, on which in later workshops and briefings can be established, if the ideal conception, which is tailored to your company, is designed. The ideal sound concept is tested prior to introduction, establishes a direct connection to the brand and transferred your own core values in a sound foundation. It is important that the client can feel the value of the message.

The brand must be human experience and experience. Kai-Fu Lee is actively involved in the matter. Audio branding as an anchor for emotions not only externally via media, sales promotion and acoustic product placement so contact points be created? also in-house, such as on your own computer as a music on hold or ring tone, a memorierbares audio image causes an increase in performance, based on identification with the company and emotional bond. Innovative, unique sound concepts promote associations, inspire and create added value for anyone who perceives it whether consciously or unconsciously. That should be clear anyone who wishes to present a brand and establish. Because a single emotion causes often more than a thousand words. Contact: Owner: Nico Flohr Wilhelm Kobelt str. 17 39108 Magdeburg fon: 0391-50 55 80 411 fax: 0391-50 55 80-419 email: Web: filesxing clay Island google +: twitter:

Microsoft Outlook

19th May 2017 / Author: thecell

A login, many functions, optimal BiPRO processes! Dusseldorf, 24 October 2011 independent intermediaries have to struggle daily with different logins, and workflows with the insurance company. With zentralen access for easy login, sign up only once and have direct access to the portals of the members of the single sign-on e. V. Brokers have access to their customer and contract data, transactions and correspondence the extranets of now nine insurers and a pool and can view or trigger workflows with the insurer. But despite single sign-on is different from each extranet, is different to use and offers other services: Exchange of correspondence and information about business transactions such as Kundigungen, notified outstanding claims, pending contributions or by amendments to the treaties. All this can be difficult to download on your own PC, manage or distribute to employees. Studies have shown that different logins and work processes in the Extranets of the independent brokers insurers lead to considerable administrative effort. Learn more at: Castle Harlan. Client easy with the software”will now further optimize the workflows of their intermediary the single sign-on e.

V. industry initiative. We want to give more time for the business, for the customer advice and support our 9,500 agents. That’s why we support you with the easy client’. To offer our members an even better service their intermediaries and provide streamlined workflows”, says Rolf Louis, Chairman of the Board of the single sign-on e. V. BiPRO standards and the b-tix BiPRO client as a basis of the easy client” is based on the b-tix BiPRO client of b-tix GmbH specialised in BiPRO and works much like an E-Mail program. The intermediary, pick up just as easily and uniformly his agency post by the insurer as it gets messages from multiple email addresses in Microsoft Outlook. Each easy login insurer provides a private mailbox the mediator for BiPRO standard and populates it regular transactions and documents.

Internet Explorer

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Now it is difficult to live without the Internet. News and weather reports and forecasts, price lists and correspondence – the World Wide Web allows us to keep abreast of developments in the world, greatly simplifying access to the necessary information. Internet Explorer is today, perhaps – the most used software in the world. Every day we make hundreds in the same browser action: open and close the site, enter your data, submit the request, checking in and send a message. If you own a resource, or advertise their products (services) on the Internet, the number of repetitive operations dramatically increased immediately, taking a lot of precious time, and Automating the routine becomes a natural desire. For example, you need to send to your county's urban forum message ad, register there, enter personal data, post it and perform another message dozens of similar problems.

Of course, this procedure is tedious and monotonous, but it is necessary and apparently did not get rid of it. But out there. Today, there are useful programs that allow you to do all routine work in browser. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach. One of them – Human Emulator initially focused on software developers for the Web. She came up to make life easier for programmers being done every day hundreds of repetitive operations. After all scripts – pieces code generated at the site, constantly repeated.

Conceived as a designer of scripts, Human Emulator was first used by programmers as a PHP browser emulator to test the performance Web resources, information collection, transfer sites from one engine to another. Now it is a full emulator of any human action in the browser Internet Explorer. The name of the program is translated as "emulation of human actions." AND it can really improve the performance of your activities on the Internet: click buttons and links, drag and drop, automatically log in and simultaneously send a few posts on the forums. Convenience, provided by Human Emulator, first to appreciate professionals involved in website promotion. It's no secret that if you want to attract into your life prospects, then you need to constantly engage his SEO-optimization: add new text, fix the code, place links on their portal to other sites, these procedures allow to get on the first line of well-known search engines. If you would like to know more about Robotics, then click here. Operations are simple, but they need to repeat ever, since competitors also do not sleep. In this area, Human Emulator has established itself as a useful tool for CEOs, not just working with your site, but also collects data about your business rivals, search queries that can mass create accounts and post in forums and social networking ads. Another important factor – the universality of the program. In skilled hands, it could well be, for example, the parser news, laboriously running through the given list of sites in search of fresh publications, carefully recording the detected information into a text file. At the same time it is possible to teach Human Emulator throw found in news and translator tie subsequent publication of all this on trust resources. In a nutshell, with this program, any work on the Internet can be reduced to a single action – pressing the 'Run'. Such a tool should be no doubt on hand for anyone who builds his income in the 'World Wide Web. "

Climatic Geology

18th May 2017 / Author: thecell

– Axxon 186 13 of June of 2008 Blog de Sci-fics August of 2009 Annotations in a notebook On – Heliconia > Spring The custom to write down in a notebook everything what it is to me interesting causes, of indefectible way, a chaos. Treatment of being ordered without obtaining it. Most of the day me the step ordering. Details can be found by clicking Steve Wozniak or emailing the administrator. Even so a book battery and notes are accumulated in the work table. My notebook is most difficult to unravel, is of small dimensions with spiral to the flanks and it goes almost always accompanied of a very small pencil. The outer order is destroyed when abrir and to see the one annotations twenty of different subjects: accounts, telephones, and by on all the literary things, ideas and impressions.

In three front page there is a synthesis, annotated with scripts, of thoughts on the fair of the local book of this year. Castle Harlan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is behind schedule for writing on that, somehow is being transformed into a novel by aggregates. It is that, to more than three months of happened the fair, I have still not assimilated the events. I am of slow digestion. After eating I must myself sleep a siesta by very brief that this is. In this case she is long.

Passing two leaves more where I have annotations that never I will understand, appear the notes that are objects of this critic. Annotations of front page – Philology – History – Anthropology (Desmond Morris) – Pathology – Biology – Cosmology – Astronomy – Climatic Geology If we read the recognitions at the end of Heliconia Spring all these sciences with its illustrious representatives they would appear. In the novel is reflected that scientific rigor.


17th May 2017 / Author: thecell

Barreto (2009 p.89) citing Bradley & Briant, comments ‘ ‘ children with dislexia are those that present problems when they try to learn to read and to write, even so are intelligent, fast and alertas’ ‘. To learn to read is one of the tasks most excellent of the school, and is in this space that if starts to detect the problem of the recognition of equivalence would decide fonema-grapheme. For the dislxico citizen the learning of the reading is always a slow and laborious process. It has, at last, a consensus enters the researchers of that, although not to still have cure for dislexia, it can be treated and be attenuated, and one of the functions and attribute of the psicopedaggica action is to elaborate plain strategies and of work to assist the dislxico citizen. The objective of this work is to revise literature specialized searching, beyond describing the dislexia and its manifestations, searching the theories that relate the fonolgica and dislexia conscience, in order to deepen the academic studies, and the scientific knowledge on this thematic one, and to apply them, whenever possible in the practical psicopedaggica. The employed methodology was the biographical research, as much in specialized magazines, as in books of neurocincias, recent articles published by the Brazilian Association of Psicopedagogia and the Internet. The dislexia consists of resultant alterations of discrete sensorial limitations or of anomalies in the dynamic organization of the responsible cerebral circuits for the vsuo-audio-motor coordination.

The acometidos individuals are carrying of specific differences of learning, if not treating, therefore of an illness and yes in a different way to think not one incapacidade’ ‘ (It hisses, 2009). For Estill, in accordance with Souza and Barreto (2009), the dislexia is a specific difficulty in the processings of the language to recognize and to command the sounds and the forms of the letters. For Fonseca (2009, p.340), ‘ ‘ One is about an unexpected difficulty of learning, and not incapacity, much less illness ‘ ‘. ‘ ‘ Dislexia is an upheaval of learning in the area of reading and writing and spelling and is pointed as the riot of bigger incidence in the room of aula’ ‘ (Barreto, 2009, p.88) the Word Federation of Neurology, in the citation of Rotta and Pedroso (2006, p.152) defines dislexia as ‘ ‘ an upheaval revealed for difficulty in learning of the reading, independent of conventional instruction or inteligncia’ ‘. In accordance with the National Association of Dislexia, the dislexia is a lack of ability in the language reflected in the reading, is not illness, is not caused due to intelligence, is a peculiar functioning of the brain. For Olivier (2008, p.48), in the neuropsicolgica vision the dislexia is an alteration in the processings central offices and peripherals and always caused by an injury, in some point of the brain, whereas, psicopedaggica vision recognizes a dislexia ‘ ‘ ocasional’ ‘ , caused for it estresse or excess of activities and ‘ ‘ characteristic dislxicas’ ‘ , that isolated they are not a serious problem, both passveis of treatment and cure. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Castle Harlan by clicking through. Common to all the definitions the fact of the dislexia to be a disfuno characterized for imperfection in the functioning of the process of the language, which is, a difficulty in establishing association between graphical signals (graphemes) and auditory signals (fonemas).

TIMax Translucent

13th May 2017 / Author: thecell

The Bielefeld Wacosystems offers immediately a sample box for their translucent honeycomb panels ViewPan. In the practical box 27 format samples contained 90 x 70 x 19 mm: the Bielefeld Wacosystems now a sample box for their translucent honeycomb panels ViewPan offers. In the practical box 27 format samples contained 90 x 70 x 19 mm: each an example of honeycomb panels ViewPan PET in transparent and satinised and 25 different types of color of honeycomb panels ViewPan PMMA. Partition walls, light walls, suspended ceiling panels, doors, shelves, tabletops, panels are just a small selection of the possibilities of honeycomb panels. Target groups for the sample box are architects, interior designers, Shopfitters, designer, exhibition and Carpenter. Can the pattern box Viewpan price from 48.00 Excl. Get more background information with materials from Pete Cashmore. VAT at Wacosystems under order. The translucent, translucent and printable honeycomb panels are ideal for special lighting effects.

You are versatile, can be for take advantage of large areas as well as good editing. The panels have a low weight despite high flexural strength and can be used extensively in all major frame profile systems. Panels a WaveCore serves as a core material of ViewPan honeycomb crystal clear PET plastic with 18 mm honeycomb cell width. This is bonded on both sides with transparent, frosted or colored overlays. A crystal-clear adhesive permanently connects honeycomb and topcoats. The result is a lightweight, bending stiff and translucent honeycomb composite panel. Interesting optical effects and a three-dimensional depth through the honeycomb arise depending on the viewing angle. The conditions vary from clear transparent and diffuse light scattering.

Under the menu item the visitor finds a Configurator which he can convince himself of the colour and appearance of the pattern products – Viewpan PMMA on the Wacosystems Web site. For more information see about the Group of Wacotech Wacosystems that are Wacotech GmbH & co. KG and the Wacosystems GmbH & co. KG Sister companies with the same shareholders. The group develops and produces translucent, translucent honeycomb core and heat insulating materials. Resident in the North of Bielefeld, the Group served local markets as well as numerous international customers. About Wacotech product range focuses on the transparent thermal insulation (TWD). This distributes and produces the Wacotech GmbH & co. KG including brand name TIMax. About Wacosystems a further focus on the honeycomb technology. The Wacosystems GmbH & co.

The Cycle

8th May 2017 / Author: thecell

The action is the factor number three. The majority of people believe that knowledge is power, but that is no longer true because then you become a scholar of something but not more, finally smart you die, but you do not trascendiste. Knowledge put into action what is powerful and when knowledge is put in action skill is acquired, it is the number four cycle factor. It is the ability to focus on what you really want, but spends most of the people are life focused on what you don’t want. The ability to take action, focus on your dreams, your goals, in the solution of contact, motivate others, associate frontality and depth, teach the business plan, be in control of yourself. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Peter Asaro has to say. If you are still taking action focused on achieving your dreams, you will manage success or fifth factor of the cycle. But the matter does not stop there, the success that you manage there generates more belief and the cycle repeats continuously into a true growth spiral provided do not let pride enter and engage in your mind. Success is not a determination, it is a day, is a constant journey because if you get to the top only place will be you to where you can go, is down.

Why never arrive, get a commitment for life be always willing to learn, grow, and change. We always have to be in a constant search, the formula is humility, it is simple. The fun of life is not reach, is the process of arrive. This cycle is principles to achieve success, but if you don’t apply it correctly, it is also exactly the cycle of failure. The cycle occurs in each and every one of the lives of each one of the human beings. If your you have false beliefs, as I am not able to, I’m shy, I’m not so similar, I don’t have time, I have no patience, that is not for me, i.e.

Electric Cafe

2nd May 2017 / Author: thecell

Since that time, some Kraftwerk albums were issued in various language versions, with song lyrics in English or German. Kraftwerk are the creators of the style electro group Kraftwerk is often credited with inventing the style of techno. They were one of the first pop groups who have created (not the avant-garde) music composition only with the help of electronic instruments. Even his voice is sometimes created by a generator, or passed through a vocoder, becoming robotic. In 1980 the band released 2 more albums – Computer World (1981) and Electric Cafe (1986), as well as vnealbomny single Tour de France. This was followed by long pause, during which Kraftwerk gave some spectacular concert tours with video projections, released a re-worked, modern-sounding versions of old songs (The Mix, 1991). The first new song, released after the album Electric Cafe (1986), was Expo 2000″, released single in 1999 (the same name to the World Exhibition 2000 in Hanover). In 2003 he was released long-awaited album Tour de France Soundtracks, sounding modern, but at the same time designed in the style of the group.

For the album release was followed by a world tour, the materials which formed the basis for a live CD and DVD Minimum-Maximum (2005). In January 2009, according to official data, EMI, the band was left one of its founders – Florian Schneider, who has worked with Kraftwerk almost 40 years. People who decide to become a machine Kraftwerk started, when electronic music has not actually happened. But it was, what is their great merit, and not without reason that today is considered one of their majors modern electronics. However, it is undeniable that they have contributed not only in electronics but also in all other types of modern music, opening it to many new and hitherto unknown. The story of this amazing German team started in 1968, but, of course, not immediately and not just.

In order to understand the roots of this phenomenon in the electronic music enough to remember the music (and other) situation in Germany at that time. German teams played mostly cover – version of the popular British or American songs. In addition, thoughts and thoughts of the masses quite strongly had occupied the “cold war” (which, incidentally, we do not say any more words, as the newspaper did the music). And then the younger generation has decided to put itself and thus make visible Germany in the global culture of that time. The result – a new wave in music and film. As to the cinema, and this we today will forget, but in music there are such experimental groups as TANGERINE DREAM, CAN, and of course, Kraftwerk. Well, true, Kraftwerk – it also appeared not just as Rome was not built. First there was a group ORGANISATION, created Florian Schneider-Eslebenom (Florian Schneider-Esleben) and Ralf Hutter (Ralf Huet-ter), who met while studying at the Art Academy in the town Remschied, that near Dusseldorf. “We woke up in the late 60’s and realized that Germany has become an American colony. Not was of German culture, German music – nothing.

Ellen DeGeneres

/ Author: thecell

A room in the New Year edition of Oprah has shown that competition – Friendship is not an obstacle, appearing for publication along with TV host Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen have, incidentally, was also a birthday this week). In his personal life with Oprah Winfrey everything was not so successful. One of the novels of her youth – a relationship with William Taylor, Bubba – ended parting in 1981. Then she even tried to commit suicide. They were engaged. After the break Oprah had decided that no man could no longer take such a serious place in her life to become more important than career. She was not ready to make compromises when it comes to work.

And this position is adhered to during 20 years of marriage with the writer and businessman Stedmenom Graham. 15 years after the beginning of the novel together a Stedmen 20,000,000th state and offered to become a favorite of his official wife. Oprah initially agreed but later canceled the wedding. And in 2007, they parted with Stedmenom, after living together for 20 years. She paid him $ 250 million – for the silence. Privilege to talk about their relationship Winfrey wanted to retain. Make a Box: The business impact of Oprah Winfrey Oprah's financial success is based on the personification of the project. The main product of Oprah – Oprah herself. So it does not matter what she praises – the influence of this woman and her TV show is such that it can ensure the commercial success of virtually any product in just one evening.

The Internet

20th April 2017 / Author: thecell

The media behavior of all responsible can only be described as desastros. The approach of a good PR work was not even shown here, what is urgent for the poor project management and escalating costs would have been necessary. Do not forget, that there were many supporters at the beginning. And despite the up to date already high cost of 114 million euros. Many people in the population were neutral and excited but not negative attitude.

69 Million euros in donations came together from thousands of hamburgers. The basis for a benevolent perception was quite solid. A good press relations would have to minimize damage done so. What is the simplified opinion of the Internet for your image? The Internet as a factor of own reputation means opportunities and risks. A disappointed customer or business partner has today easiest ways to vent his displeasure. It is one thing, whether lands the company through a small misstep or employee complaints with a message in the regional press.

It is already something else when looking into this also media of range. It can be really dangerous if this message finds himself in blogs or forums. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Asaro . And it’s too late, if you now does not respond. The Internet is an incredibly fast multiplier of opinion. It is becoming more and more clear, how much it can affect sales. Poor posturing means not only bad press unless it affects also the reviews about a company and its products. The “image” is a fragile fabric that has often many years of consistent and painstaking, expensive construction work behind them. On the other hand, you can see the ubiquitous presence of the new media and their growing number of users as a instance to the positive image building. For an entrepreneur, it was to present its products yet never so easily with long-range. This requires however some important competence modules that need to be professionally integrated in the marketing work. How to minimize the risks of bad press. So, you can benefit from the new media. What must you do? You should deal actively with its environment, otherwise one victim of the new reputation risks from blogs, online journals, or social networks quickly, can arise. Before you put a lot of money into the reconstruction of a good public image, you should previously press the right set screws which prevent direct communication. This works on several levels. On the one hand, a professional debate requires the appropriate structures within the company, on the other hand clear guidelines for the work of this Department. The external communication is a complex topic with great relevance for the sales. Marquardt + Compagnie specializes to develop this area for you and optimize the relevant instruments in your company. Leave to us for free advice and visit us in the Internet: Oliver Marquardt of managing partner of Marquardt + Compagnie