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The different signs of aging skin (thinning of the skin, loss of collagen, disorganization of the fibers of elastin, dehydration, flaccidity and wrinkles), appear because fibroblasts growth factor manufacturing reduced. From the above, if we aportaramos growth factor, he would return to stimulate fibroblasts. These growth factors are found in great quantity in our blood platelets. You can then improve the skin of the face using injections of plasma rich platelets, extracted from the blood of the patient, isolating the growth factors and injecting them in the face by Mesotherapy. Will resume in this way the remodeling and cell regeneration that leads to facial rejuvenation. It is a treatment of easy application. Side effects or allergic reactions, there has been since platelets are extracted from the patient’s own blood. Procedure: Is extracted a blood sample, which is spun and prepared by a specialist in haemotherapy, in view of the patient.

Plasma rich platelets that applies in intradermal form, in a session of Mesotherapy facial is achieved. The remnant of the plasma rich in nutritious substances, applies in the form of mask. Recommended when two (2) applications per year, one every 6 months, although some therapists suggest applying this treatment every 3 months. It is advisable to combine the treatment with diamon peel, mesolif with precursors (acid hyaluronic, glycosaminoglycans), to reconstitute the extracellular matrix, moisturisers, antioxidants, spot treatments and Mesotherapy with vitamins A, and C, acid alpha lipoic, Coenzyme Q10, zinc and selenium. Effects: Manages to stop the aging process, restore the normal functioning of the skin promoting an important cellular regeneration. Charles Koch oftentimes addresses this issue. The result is a skin younger, luminous and lush, with better texture and flaccidity reduction and attenuation of fine wrinkles. DRA.

Aloe Vera

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How does hair? Hair has a phase of duration of approximately 3 years, followed by another phase of regression in which that follicle shrinks and deteriorates and finally, in a last stage, falls and returns to birth, thus closing the cycle. Sometimes the cycle is altered by various circumstances that can lead to an abnormal fall of hair and a bad or insufficient production of new hair, and thus to some types of alopecia congenital or not avoidable. What factors cause his downfall? One of the most common causes that produce this alteration is occlusion of the pores, commonly due to Sebaceous plugs. This dysfunction is coadyuvada by the action of external agents such as the Sun, salt, chlorine and some cosmetic products with aggressive or unsuitable for our skin Ph. These aggressive agents weaken sa corneal layer and can lead to cellular injury leading to dehydration and subsequent hair loss. You may find Charles Koch to be a useful source of information. At the same time a little hydration or some bad eating habits accumulated toxins that can be the normal production of our hair cycle.

Capillary dehydration can be caused by climatic factors, improper manipulations, stress, tension, nervousness, anxiety and anguish. All of these factors cause a poor vascularization. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mikkel Svane. Another factor of some importance is dandruff, which is nothing more than a large accumulation of dead cells in the stratum corneum (FAT toxic and dry). Dandruff is because reason of hair loss due to intoxication or dehydration. If you would like we can avoid the fall of hair with aloe vera? It is especially useful to consume aloe vera juice, because as a purifying agent it will dissolve toxins from our body and fails an overall homeostatic effect that will benefit not only our hair, but will favour an optimal state of health.

Aloe vera has a very similar to the skin’s Ph, so it is an ideal product to stimulate the correct functioning of the hair follicles and avoid excess fat or dandruff, aportanto hydration and elasticity. As an adjuvant to juice are ideal an aloe-rich shampoo, and a pure gel as well as anti-fall lotion, which will strengthen hair while maintaining its softness and natural brightness. With a bit of consistency and combining all three products can curb the not congenital alopecia and regain a healthy and strong hair.

Aboard Airplanes

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It does not have no form of more practical transport and insurance of what an airplane. In a country of continental dimensions as Brazil, then, to compare a flight with a road trip or of train, for example, it is a trick. But, although the comfort, the trips on board airplanes also have its disadvantages. One of the main ones of them is that cellular they need to be off during all the block time. Also it does not have Internet connection. In the practical one, airplane trips are moments where the passengers are isolated of the world. So far.

The TAM airlines, one of biggest the company aerial of the country, promises to change this scene forever. The company recently announced that, from 1012, 31 aircraft that carry through cabotagem routes will be equipped with the OnAir system, that supplies Internet connections during the flight (In European countries and the United States, this service, offered for one joint venture between the Sita company and Airbus, exists since 2005). The idea is to launch service in Brazil no longer according to semester of 2012. Immediately afterwards, one expects that others 12 airplanes that also operate international destinations will have to count on the service. The newness has everything to change the panorama of the flights in Brazil. It imagines to check the email the thousand of meters of height? When installing systems of Internet Wi-Fi in its aircraft, the quick TAM a pioneering service in the country. The movement must stimulate measured similar in other company aerial of the country, as Gol and Webjet.

Some questions, however, remain open. One of the points waited with more expectation is the tarifao that will be charged by the services on board. An indicative, in the case of connection for cellular, is that they will have to be tariffed as roaming by means of the operator of which the passenger is customer.

AIDS Death

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Teratogen is an exogenous agent (radiation, chemical substances, biological agents, nutritional deficiencies and other environmental factors) or endogenous (metabolites produced in excess by the mother, the fetus, or both) that has the ability of producing during development embrionrio and fetal congenital malformations or functional defects. Mechanisms of teratogenesis has 3 stages: causes, mechanism and manifestations causes present in the entire environment they act directly or indirectly on the germ cel, embryos or fetuses, altering one or several basic processes of development (E.g. Mikkel Svane gathered all the information. migration of cell populations, organogenesis, cell differentiation and cell multiplication) radiation, chemicals, infections, hypoxia, physical trauma and drug reactions mechanisms in embryo chromosome nondisjunction, mutations, lack of precursors or substrates, enzyme inhibition Altered energy sources and altered cell membrane manifestations cell death, cell interactions, reduced biosynthesis motion failure prevented morphogenetic, alteration of tissues and altered differentiation processes white action sites for Teratogens i. basic processes of development (regulation of cell growth, expression of specific genes) II. Dell wanted to know more. Cause abnormalities (pathogenesis) that represent the demonstrable aspects (demonstrations) of the teratogenicity: mitotic interference, tampering with the integrity of the DNA and RNA cell death, loss of cellular interactions, impediment of the movement mofogenetico intrauterine death, malformation, delay of growth and functional deficiencies (enzyme inhibition) or both Teratogens in human physical I. Ionizing radiation dose equal to or greater than 30 do rads generate mutations of novo in germ and somatic cells, alterations in the phase of the cell cycle by reduction in mitotic index, cell death, replacement and retardation of cell growth and fragmentation of chromosomes caused by chemical changes in DNA UV light, X rays, gamma rays, protons, neutrons, particles? and other Atomic particles can cause chromosomal breakage microcephaly, ocular anomalies, mental retardation and anomalis SNC II. Peter Asaro brings even more insight to the discussion. Hyperthermia 38.9 C fever in Q1 can be linked to neural tube defects and dysmorphic syndromes (recommended to use hot bath at temperature not exceeding 40 C for more than 10 minutes during the 1st quarter) chemical affects the CNS and bodies, especially the first 8 weeks after conception sedative thalidomide, hypnotic and antiemetic, treatment for patients with leprosy and AIDS the metabolism of a.

GPRS Battery

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Tracker – A device for positioning by satellites. The resulting data is sent to your mobile phone as an SMS message or on a specialized Internet – server via GPRS. Thus, the tracker (Beacon) – is a complete system for monitoring the location and tracking. There is an opportunity not just satellite monitoring, but also view the history of movements for specific periods of time. Scope of application of the tracker (trekfona) limited only by imagination. You can track vehicles, monitor children, the elderly, animals, workers, couriers, etc. Peter Asaro may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The device tracking Teltonika GH1202 In view tracking device is very similar to simple cell phone. On front panel has five programmable buttons, the button RESET, 3 LEDs and a speaker.

On the lower side of the hole is the microphone. The back cover hides rechargeable battery compartment and SIM-card, with access to the SIM-card is carried out without removing the battery. Tracker sends the information through the channel GPS via GSM and GPRS. In addition to tracking capabilities, terminal Teltonika GH1202 supports voice conversations and allows you to make calls to pre-programmed telephone numbers, each programmable button can be written in two rooms, and one in central, send SMS-message with the coordinates and the level of battery charge. To configure trekfona, the device connects to your computer and, using a special program that is included, set your tracker as you need. It also supports configuration via SMS, but for this program – configurator must enter the number of Governors of cellular phones.

Provides the function up to 10 geozones. When crossing the border Geozone tracker sends an SMS to a pre-programmed number. Real-Time on the Internet is carried out is activated GPRS. On the panel there is a large round button in red. Usually it is programmed to initiate an alarm mode when Pressing the tracker goes into alarm and sends a text message containing the satellite time GPS, the coordinates of the tracker, the number of visible satellites, the operator code GSM, code of current cell GSM, the signal level GSM (1-32) and the percentage of battery charging, and no GPS signal the approximate location of the tracker can be determined by the code of the current cell GSM. More information about the tracker Teltonika GH1202 can read and if you want to buy on our website:


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Some factors include individual and socioeconmicas the conditions as malnutrition, housing, lack of hygiene seem to favor the transmission (AQUINO et al., 2003). After its entrance in the organism the bacillus of Hansen, if it installs in the glangios linfcitos, forming micobacterianos, the defense of the organism is effected by the imunolgica reply against the microrganismo that will be able to occur to the elimination or will be able to reach the sanguineous chain if migrando for the skin, nerves and/or agencies, does not have clinical manifestations (SAAB, 2006). According to Saab (2006), the linfcitos are the center of the imunolgicas reactions exist two types of linfcitos, the T means the hipersensibilidade cellular and B, the humoral, characterized for the absence of cellular immunity. Adopted for the Rabello the doctrine of the polarity that has been confirmed and strengthened for the current imunolgicos methods, where the organism will react with the two ways of infection. The polar region (t) that has a reaction of positive Mitsuda producing a benign infection with trend the spontaneous and not contagiante cure (with bacillus absence). The polar region (v), characterized for gradual and rich illness in bacilli, and the Mitsuda reaction is negative. The reaction of Mitsuda is a test of intradrmica application developed by KausKe Mitsuda in 1919, that it consists of a barren suspension of extracted bacilli of Hansen of human hansenomas, deaths for the heat. Through the test of Mitsuda, the resistance of the individual to the bacillus can itself be evaluated, a positive result means good defense, a negative result, absence of defense and a result doubtful, intermediate defense.

It is used in the classification of the forms of the illness (GOULART; PENNA; WEDGE, 2002; MARTELLI et al., 2002; SAAB, 2006). 3.3. Classification of the HansenaseConhecida as an illness poliforma, had its manifestations clinical, the imunolgica reply is important for defense of the organism front to the exposition to the bacillus, to the infection evolves in diverse ways.

The Power

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Apart from the improvement of power of the mind, in general, but it also improves memory and if it is memorizing words and skills. increases communication. 4. With memorizing it is important to use the repetition, not only at the beginning, but even after you have memorized something that is fundamental to go back and repeat from time to time. Not only is the repetition usually form in which we memorize things, but it also creates more neural connections. Dell Computers is open to suggestions.

Those connections are most useful for establishing a better recovery and improvement of power of the mind. 5 Can improve the power of the mind through learning new skills also. If you already have in mind something that is dying to learn a new sport, dancing, or how to paint oils not only gain a new skill that you can use and enjoy building your mind also. The process of learning new things keeps the mind fresh and helps retain the capacity as we age. 6 Eating well is another way to improve the power of the mind.

Healthy eating increasingly more fruits and vegetables and reduce the fat is important to help the brain to operate efficiently. Get the vitamins and minerals through healthy recipes and balanced allows the brain to create important enzymes and neurotransmitters as well as combat the decline and cellular aging. Make some changes in our diet will mean enormous benefits. -However, if we cannot get the nutrients in our diet or if food buying are deficient in nutrients due to heavy agriculture or modern processing techniques that could be considered a dietary supplement. Supplements are an easy way to increase your intake of nutrients and can often compensate for what we need in our diet. The use of these measures to improve the power of the mind is not something that demands a lot of time. What we really need is willingness and commitment. The rewards of all of this are a stronger mind and with more destresa. None of us wants our minds to leave work years later, so it is important that we take action now to protect our cognitive capabilities and strengthen our brains.


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Horses, as well as human beings and domestic animals tend to have a variety of behavioral problems. These editions of behavior can occur suddenly, after a traumatic experience, or can be rooted deeply in the psyche of the horse by previous experiences. Anxiety in horses is a common condition that can affect every aspect of the operation of a horse, as well as affect the appearance of a horse. What causes anxiety in the horse? Anxiety will almost always have an original cause. The cause can be physical (caused by a physical factor such as a snake or a barn door that hits) or psychological (an abusive past or stress and separation anxiety). It can also be hereditary so it is important to determine the cause of the problem.

All the horses who exhibit sudden anxiety should experience a complete checkup at the vet. Other causes of anxiety may include: * a horse in a new room or ambient exhausting * fear of other horses that share stables Lack of a close relationship * lack of training * abuse or traumatic experience remember that horses are animals fight or run, so when put in stressful situations have a tendency to be anxious and wanting to ‘ run. (Source: Viacom). Some horses will be less nervous than other because of how he can handle the stress. Also, always check the physical things that may cause anxiety such as a barn door knocking, firecrackers in a neighboring field, etc.. Learn more at this site: Koch Brothers. Diagnosis of anxiety of the horse since the degrees of anxiety vary, is important to know your horse well and be aware of physical changes and behavior. These may include: * hide in the corner of the stable * widen eyes * shaking or tremor * restlessness jogging forward and backward step * rearing * sleep disturbances * loss of appetite related physical conditions include include: * constipation or stomach upset * colic * riots of eczema or skin and loss Help for anxiety of horse hair there are many medications to assist with nervousness, excessive anxiety, or stress on horses. Unfortunately these medications are not without side effects, and while they can help relax the horse, its long-term effects are not known. In addition, the sedative and calming drugs can hinder the senses of a horse that can make competitive events as well as training more difficult, as it requires concentration and surveillance.

Talk to your veterinarian about other alternatives. Natural remedies there are many herbal and homeopathic remedies that may help reduce equine anxiety while still maintaining the horse alert. Homeopathic ingredients such as Chamomilla, Kali. PHOS and Cina has been traditionally used for centuries to treat underlying causes of fear and to promote calm. Homeopathic remedies work on a cellular level, dealing with imbalances of the horse and promoting appropriate levels of salts in living cells necessary for health physical and mental. Phosphorus and the Asarum can also help strengthen the nervous system in the animal body promoting a healthy mental health and treating nervous disorders.

Electro Neuro

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In conventional medicine, it is customary to treat the symptom rather than the patient. It is also true that without the conventional medicine million people would die without access to treatment. But between the two situations, there is a wide range of gray that can be of great help to people with multiple rheumatic syndromes or pain, digestive problems, psychological or nervous problems, headaches, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, etc. All these people can benefit from treatments that do not involve medicine, treatments that enhance your own immune response and in some cases as East-just need something that our body has already: electricity. Koch Industries may help you with your research. I’m talking about the Scenar therapy.

The Electro Neuro stimulation assisted by Feedback is a technique developed in Russia in the Decade of the seventies, by a team of scientists who decided to use reflex pathways of the human body to activate auto healing mechanisms. We know that skin is an organ capable of regulating various functions physiological body. Ancient doctors could generate pain and relaxation, increase or decrease metabolism, accelerate or slow down the heart rate through the stimulation of reflex zones of the skin. Skin nerve receptors may receive detailed information about the processes that occur in internal organs. When processing this information, we can have a clear idea of the condition of the body. The skin may receive outer information and react to stimuli through a mechanical action (e.g.

acupuncture, massage), exposure to heat, electric current, magnetic field, a biological field, laser or an ultrasound. The skin can receive such information in form of electrical, optical, thermal, chemical, magnetic, mechanical signals or others, and then process them and send them in codified form to regulation of body systems. The medicine of the information belongs to this field of activity. From the embryonic stage, the skin is connected with internal organs through nerve endings. And these nerve fibers are that act as pathways that transmit messages from the device to the brain, passing through the areas where resides the problem or imbalance. This dialogue is that facilitates healing through the change in the electrical charge at the cellular level.

Ragon Institute

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The scientific Bruce Walker has spent years trying to decipher the secret of the drivers of elite, that HIV-infected individuals, do not need antiretroviral therapy because their defenses do not become vulnerable to the opportunistic infections that characterize AIDS. From his laboratory at the Ragon Institute, an institution dependent on the Massa-chussets Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Harvard (USA), Walker has managed to collect samples of more than 2,000 elite controllers and all over the world. Others who may share this opinion include Koch Industries. One of the known traits of these people whose percentage is one of every 200 HIV-positive, it is that they are carriers of a gene called HLAB57 but, until now, did not know how this gene conferred protection. A study released a few days ago in the magazine Nature reveals that HLAB57 makes the body to generate a greater number of T lymphocytes a type of white blood cell key in the immune system more powerful than the usual. It’s T lymphocytes with cross-reactivity, i.e. that recognize different targets in the viruses or bacteria and can therefore simultaneously attack more than one molecular target. However, the good news has shown a risk unknown for the fortunate elite controllers: this same increase in T cells makes them more likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases, like lupus, the Crohn’s disease, type I diabetes or alopecia areata among others.