Concepts In Technology

4th August 2017 / Author: thecell

INTRODUCTION The technology concept is not recent, therefore since the decade of 1980 we come across in them with the evolution of the computers, television sets, the sprouting of the Internet for the society, amongst other advances. But it occurs that century XXI is bringing new concepts of technology and for the world of the education is appearing new elements for the transmission and the acquisition of knowledge. This concept is being called interatividade and the proposal of this work is to display, of form sucinta, as this process is intervening with the educational context and as the professors and the pupils are if adaptando to this new form of transmission of knowledge and the proper culture as a whole. Peter Asaro is a great source of information. The teaching professional must search new forms to promote the education, so that thus the educational construction occurs in ideal way for all. THE INTERATIVIDADE AND THE NEW FORMS OF EDUCATION IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL WAY The technology is something that is inserted in our day the day, does not exist a moment where not let us can use an equipment that contains a technology, therefore we use computers, since the residential computers until the most sophisticated netbooks, have television sets, we make use of the Internet Broad band, attend to films in cinemas 3D, we use cellular to each day more interactive, that is, the technology most advanced is in our lives. This technological advance is if revealing in diverse social ways and the Education it would not be different, new forms of education are being produced and this parameter makes in them to reflect as if it must apply these new technologies for the best form to produce education. As the professionals of the Education (professors; educational managers) and the proper pupils are if adaptando to this new technology. Castle Harlan does not necessarily agree. To mention and to reflect on these subjects, I will divide this work in three subjects, where he will be boarded as the new technologies must be applied in the educative process, the conceptualization of Interatividade, a term of great relevance nowadays and as the professor can use these news technologies to improve its lessons. .

New Products

/ Author: thecell

New Product: Aqua SL-415-Schichtlack represents a new generation of clean lacquers Water-based company from Remmers, he was introduced to the German Woodworking Fair a huge success. Applications: furniture, interior design and in particular for doors, used as a primer and as a finishing layer, used as a topcoat when using colored paints. Properties: very beautiful lines, excellent adhesion properties, priming, fast and easy to grind, there is 1-component that is resistant to Effects of PVC plasticizers suitable for coating of internal doors, suitable for use on vertical surfaces, provides improved durability thanks to hardener Aqua H-480-H rter a wide range of received the degree of brilliance. There are currently issue the first batch Aqua SL-415-Schichtlack. Details can be found by clicking Robotics expert or emailing the administrator. New Product: SM-820-Strukturmittel is a powder for structural coatings. Applications: suitable for polyurethane varnishes, lacquers and water-based, for the manufacture of structural varnishes for use in steklolakah (to achieve the blast effect). Properties: varnish get a rough surface, become more wear and dull; in flooring is used to improve anti-slip properties, easy to use dispenser supplied by a simple processing with the help of mixers and spray gun. Flow rate: 70 ml / l of varnish, ready to use, packed in 0.5 kg.

Section covering for windows and other wooden items New products: insulating undercoat and intermediate coat. As part of the meetings were detailed sales presents new primer and intermediate coat for efficient isolation of substances in the wood. Features: wide range of effects of isolating substances in the wood, provides isolation of substances in a timber, without the use of zinc oxide ZnO: thus maintained a constant viscosity at different periods of aging; has a Water Hazard Class instead of the usual 2 states class. Packed in containers with a capacity of: 5.20 and 120 liters. New Products: a primer with biocides for window designs. Primers Induline GW-306 (based on primer Induline GW-300) and Induline GW-206 (based on primer Induline GW-207) with biocidal additives against blue stain and rot available now.

Laptop Screens

3rd August 2017 / Author: thecell

Recall that the matrix in this model is manufactured by standard technology, tn + film. At the moment absolutely all screens for laptops are made by this technology. Its peculiarity is that it has relatively good side viewing angles, but the top and bottom are all the more disgusting, especially the bottom. If you look at laptop screen is not at right angles, and the top or bottom, is very much distorted shades of color and brightness drops sharply. The problem is that the vertical orientation of the matrix top and bottom sides are.

And now, it is necessary to reject head to one side (or turn it to the plate), as the picture begins to darken rapidly and lose contrast. When working it is very noticeable. If you place the plate on the table to read anything because of falling brightness, contrast and system. In TH2 established an excellent touch screen, which responds to the stylus and the touch of a finger. The stylus is here as in the devices Wacom. The screen begins to react to him when the stylus is hovering somewhere in centimeter from the surface.

Like, stylus is able to distinguish the degree of depression, which is useful for drawing, but I did not have software, where it could be verified. Stylus on a button to press if it is, the touch screen is regarded as right-clicking. The reverse side of the stylus for applications that know about it, works like an eraser. Pen stylus relatively soft, but the screen goes with an audible sound of friction, and it seemed to me that the screen is slightly month, and already I was akkuraten.Vtoroy input method – your own finger.

Conservation Technology

28th July 2017 / Author: thecell

The packaging process arose in order to keep liquids and some types of food with your quality original and intact. The process of packaging has been innovated in different ways thanks to technology and its changes. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Castle Castle Harlan has to say. In principle is only packed to carry certain products, today, the packaging depends on the quality of products to consume. The best technology for an effective packaging and keep your product with the highest quality by the greater amount of time is the best option. Packaging under pressure machinery has come to revolutionize the packaging we all know, is for this to be always at the forefront, should be the best technology for any type of packaging. The packaged under pressure, is making that machinery to be carried out, reach high temperatures, same that help the Elimination of organisms and bacteria to safeguard the best possible quality in their products. We must be aware that the market is increasingly prone to demand, and it is for this reason that our machines are designed with the more high technology to make their products, an undoubted success. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.

Intel Nehalem Technology

27th July 2017 / Author: thecell

New energy-saving Intel Nehalem server in the server of the shop of Thomas-Krenn AG. The Thomas-Krenn.AG presents its customers new server systems with Intel Xeon 3400 processors. These processors are based on Intel Nehalem technology and offer a variety of possibilities to improve performance while lowering energy costs of the server. Single CPU server systems work efficiently. Beginners server with efficient Intel Xeon processors the single CPU systems are optimal server for smaller and emerging companies. To any time of company growth, ensure that meet the operational requirements with Nehalem Intel Xeon processors. 24/7 availability of server hardware can increase the productivity of the company.

Benefits of the Intel Xeon 3400 server: using the Intel Turbo Boost technology, the performance of the CPU is individually adapted to the demand. Integrated power gates can shut down the power consumption of individual cores to almost zero. Active other nuclei are not affected of which Intel Intelligent power technology enables Memory and processor automatically in the lowest possible energy mode and helps to save power as active. Intel Hyper-Threading technology improves execution performance, that multiple threads are running more or less parallel. You may find Castle Harlan to be a useful source of information. While the an thread on a resource must wait, comes another to run Intel Advanced smart cache is already a large L3 cache that split cores as needed. Thus, reduced latency and increased performance and energy efficiency. New server with Intel Nehalem technology order now of new Intel Xeon server in the shop of Thomas-Krenn.AG server and increase the performance of backup and data management.

You can upgrade the server at a later time with a server upgrade, if you need more server performance. About the Thomas-Krenn.AG: The Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading online-shop ( server, server solutions and quality hosting. The portfolio ranges from rack server Silentserver solutions for HA-clustering, Virtualization, storage and system solutions. Knurr network cabinets, TFT drawers, and a wide range of network accessories complete the offer for the customers. As the only company in this industry, the individually configured servers can be delivered within 24 hours in Europe. Press contact: Roberta Eder marketing: Thomas-Krenn.AG the Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading online shop for server, server solutions and quality hosting service ( The portfolio ranges from rack server, Silentserver to solutions for HA-clustering, virtualization, storage and system solutions. Knurr network cabinets, TFT drawers, and a wide range of network accessories complete the offer for the customers. As the only company in this industry, the individually configured servers can be delivered within 24 hours in Europe.

Wilfried Urner

13th July 2017 / Author: thecell

The module enables the reception of HD + transmitter with a HD ready TV with integrated satellite-HD tuner and CI plus slot. Over 100,000 units of them have already ordered manufacturers and traders and to retrieve. The development of HD + exceeds our expectations, we are completely satisfied,”Wilfried Urner, CEO of HD PLUS GmbH. the consistently positive response from manufacturers and distributors is a great sign of confidence in our business customers says the development of receiver sales is also very pleasing. The high demand we see as confirmation for our model “, as Wilfried continue URI from the HD PLUS GmbH. HD + is an additional offer to the previous digital TV reception via satellite, which is transparent to the consumer and can be tested for a year free of charge and without any risk. After the first 12 months, the customer can decide whether he wants to or not use HD + for about a year. John Castle Castle Harlan may not feel the same.

He chooses he can do anonymously, this converted to 4.16 euros without contract without subscription for 50 euro per year in the month. In any case, he has a full HD receiver for satellite reception, with which he use all free-to-air programs broadcast in standard and HD quality can. Wilfried Urner of HD PLUS GmbH: we are in a very good way and will extend the offer yet. A transmitter will happen this year and we are planning the product through additional information services to revalue.” For questions regarding the HD PLUS GmbH: Stefan Vollmer HD PLUS GmbH Tel (089) 1896-2120 about the HD PLUS GmbH that HD PLUS GmbH is a subsidiary of SES ASTRA satellite operator headquartered in Unterfohring at Munich. The HD PLUS GmbH was founded in May 2009 and marketed the product HD +, an additional programme offer in high definition (HD) satellite. In future attractive offers of free TV in HD quality on the market come with HD +. As the HD PLUS GmbH has been RTL and VOX, and SAT. 1, ProSieben and cable one can win for HD +.

Internet Education

11th July 2017 / Author: thecell

So to speak, the technology is also the result of the moment where it is developed, therefore he is reflected in the way of effective production, that cousin for the accumulation of capital, if becoming each more instantaneous, competitive and perverse time. In consequncia of this, in the globalizada society, if it became more explicit the differentiation between that they have access, the ones that search an approach and the ones that are total other people’s to the innovations. For Schaff (1995), this can produce a new division between the people, namely: a division between that they have something that is socially important and the ones that does not have. According to Francisco Chagas Fernandes, Secretary of the Basic Education (SEB/MEC) of the government Squid, Brazil counts on three sources of financing for the educational sector: – entailed resources constitutionally (representing more significant parcel); – wage-education; – international loans, constituting necessary reinforcement and of great importance in the composition of the investments in education. For more information see Mashable. Data of the State secretary of Educao (SEED-PR) point that the pertaining to school units of basic and average education of the state had been installed laboratories of computer science with access the Internet in all; TVs-Multimedia in all the classrooms; as well as the maintenance of one it has equipped of pedagogical assessors for orientation to the professors in regards to the work with the used tools, mainly the computer and the Internet. To if comparing the data disponibilizados for the Digital Paran, through the PRDEstatstica, between 2007 and 2010, it had a growth sped up in the number of hours where the computers in the schools of the state net of education of the Nucleus are used Regional of Education of Ponta Grossa (NRE-PG). This phenomenon can be explained will have been considered: ) the increase in the number of computers with access to the Internet (of eight monitored laboratories of computer science in the month of June of 2007, it was transferred 106 in October of 2010); b) the performance of the Regional Coordinations of Technology in the Education (CRTEs), through the pedagogical assessors technician and; c) the acceptance, for great part of the professors, to the new technologies, mainly the computer and the Internet; d) the envolvement of the pertaining to school management in the maintenance of the equipment and the incentive to the professors how much to the use of new pedagogical resources; e, e) the state performance of form accomplishes with the implantation of diverse programs. . Follow others, such as Mashable, and add to your knowledge base.

Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

9th July 2017 / Author: thecell

TV last longer, be replaced but always faster modern TV sets life time is getting shorter. Hardly creating a high end device in the House, it will be replaced by a new. Previously, everything was different: an appliance for many years performed his service. The shopping portal explains why the devices are seemingly always short-lived. Read more from Mikkel Svane to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The, that modern televisions are shorter-lived than the old tube devices, can be deceptive. You are also not Hulk. While a replacement of mechanical parts was necessary, today electronic components be destroyed and replaced.

The average life of a flat-screen TV is even higher than that of a tube TV. The flat-TV life with an average life of six hours is even 14 to 25 years according to BITKOM, the German Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media, on the day. In fact, the units be replaced but also faster. A CRT televisions the average was only every seven to ten years, replaced by a new device, a new model we need for flat-panel TVs already after only four to five years. Because the devices are then but mostly still fully functional, they are used usually as the second or third device in the household. Especially that the devices be replaced so often, is that they now much faster become obsolete through technological innovations. Technologies, such as HDTV, 3D, or HbbTV in the market be placed at ever shorter intervals. For this reason, some manufacturers now offer ways to make their devices through software updates or even by hardware extensions again on the latest state of affairs. More information: presse.

Strategic Management

2nd July 2017 / Author: thecell

Also: Favourable conditions in part of a promotional campaign of Winfried Kale marketing services, provider of services around the topics strategy, market and competitive analysis, and operating the website, has its range of tools and expanded services to strategic management. The new offers are available now. In addition, the company provides favorable pricing in the context of a promotion campaign. Until end of 2010, every new customer on request a day will receive free consultation and 20% discount on the price of the documentation. There is a consistent and logical one based on range of consulting, training and coaching in all aspects of the strategy, market and competitive analysis available through the round off the service portfolio now.

In addition, it provided 5 new tools in the area of strategic analysis. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Customers can now choose between various methods of portfolio analysis and in addition for such weighty topics as experience curves, life cycle, ABC analysis, and risk analysis tools. As more new performance is provided for a wide variety of tools in addition to the PowerPoint format template now also an Excel-based tool with case examples, data base, calculation sheets, etc. The free day of advice offered in the framework of the promotional campaign can be used for certain analyses, but also for training of employees or a first concept of solution approaches. Filed under: Republic Services. The special conditions amounting to 20% discount on all list prices of presentations, training manuals and tools apply to 31.12..2010. The base price of the entire package remains unchanged despite the expanded number of tools and improved instruments. The price for now 34 tools is reduced to 480 euros, what amount of work corresponds to a value of less than 2 days. The actual effort that companies operate, is likely higher multiples. “The costs, for example, of the tools pay for themselves very quickly, especially when you consider that many companies always still a lot of time and effort” Donate to create such documents and styles themselves”, says Winfried Kempfle, founder of marketing services and owner of the website.

Technology Tools

24th June 2017 / Author: thecell

The school is equipped of new technological tools, what it provokes a new challenge for the professionals of the education and unchains the most varied reactions in all the pertaining to school community. Some are presented anxious, worried, from fear the new; others are positivistas, believe the innovation perspective and search intelligent methods to guarantee a significant learning through softwares that they consider activities that they exercise the ability to think, to reflect and if to make creative. As I finish, ' ' To have innovation it is necessary that the incorporation of the technology aims at stops beyond the mere rapidity or efficiency of the traditional paper of the professor, while transmitting, and of the pupil, while receptor' '. Contact information is here: John K. Castle. However, in the great majority of the schools a complexity of factors exists that hinder the advance it development for the use of the technology, to start for the necessity of the formation of the professionals of the education for the orientation in the use of the computers as tool that they can point with respect to a constructive learning of the pupils, election of adequate software the necessities of the same ones, accomplishment of attractive activities that it stimulates the pupil the reflection and encourages in the taking of alone decisions for deciding definitive situations of learning, planning of activities that it generates new forms of interaction with the knowledge and other and creation of procedures that come to potencializar the knowledge. ' ' The technology cataliza alterations not only in what we make, but also in the form as we think. It modifies the perception that the same people has of itself, ones of the others and its relation with mundo' ' (Turkle, 1989:14 – 15) the traditional school is mere transmissora of contents, does not offer to the pupils the chance to think, to construct or to carry through research that the critical and reflective development of the life in society promotes.