The PC Game Final Fantasy XIV

Fantasy epic in the online role-playing game format online role-playing games like world of Warcraft”enjoy great popularity for some years. With the latest addition to the successful final fantasy series, Square Enix brought an another MMORPG on the market. The consumer portal reported the 14th part of the famous series of computer games. Visual, final fantasy XIV will be”more than justice to its predecessors. The stunning images of the Introvideos let the mouth-watering converge players at the beginning. After this first positive impression, the game proves to be swiftly as a problem child of the final fantasy series.

The means of action in the game compared to other PC games are relatively limited despite great freedom in the design of the game characters. The opulent graphics and the huge game world take up large amounts of data, which leads to long load times. The players especially when less fast Internet connections and the peak hours sitting on the servers often prior to a black screen. In addition, the game is especially for Not beginners. To know more about this subject visit Matt Swain. In many places, helpful explanations are missing and the navigation is sometimes takes getting used to.

The game is based on a principle of quest, the player can take only eight challenges within 36 hours in attack. Due to the weaknesses of the existing Square Enix has decided after all, to suspend the monthly subscription fee for the game, until the deficiencies have been rectified. Thus, the game in the price comparison with other fee-based online games is still a bargain. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann