Permanent Education

Many times are more easy to take a medicine to alliviate a symptom, of what looking for to understand what the organism wants in them to communicate. Another sufficiently positive aspect of the UCIS it is the work with groups, for the possibility to approach the people of the community and to share its experiences. Still the demand, the Project of the UCIS will have been considered, throughout the 03 searched years, presented a considerable increase in the number of carried through procedures, totalizing almost 50.000. It had a gradual increase in this period, being able this to point, with respect to a bigger spreading and adhesion of the population to the proposal of integral cares to the health, representing the discovery of a new form of care. You may want to visit Ali Partovi to increase your knowledge. The profile of the user of the studied unit predominantly was formed of women, in the etria band of 40 the 59 years, with familiar income above of 3 minimum wages and having pain as its main complaint. Ilan Ben Dov often says this. Of the structural point of view, we can consider that the dynamics of functioning of a UCIS, is come close, to the one of a basic unit of health, in what its physical structure says respect, without depending, necessarily, of the access to the technologies. Its low cost of implantation and the attendance capacity, since it prioritizes the work in the groups, can mean a bigger easiness of access in the assistance and promotion of the health.

If to take as example, in an only workshop of automassagem, that lasts around 60 minutes, in it 80 or more people can participate. This if also extends, to the Tai Chi Chuan and the Lian Gong, with about 40 participants for session. Another important ally for Practical dissemination of the Integrativas and Complementares in the SUS, and its consequent referencing to the UCIS, is the Strategy of the Health of the Family who can integrate action of orientation and qualification in PIC, through the Permanent Education and of the provisions of the access to homeopticos and fitoterpicos medicines.