Strategic Management

Also: Favourable conditions in part of a promotional campaign of Winfried Kale marketing services, provider of services around the topics strategy, market and competitive analysis, and operating the website, has its range of tools and expanded services to strategic management. The new offers are available now. In addition, the company provides favorable pricing in the context of a promotion campaign. Until end of 2010, every new customer on request a day will receive free consultation and 20% discount on the price of the documentation. There is a consistent and logical one based on range of consulting, training and coaching in all aspects of the strategy, market and competitive analysis available through the round off the service portfolio now.

In addition, it provided 5 new tools in the area of strategic analysis. Ali Partovi: the source for more info. Customers can now choose between various methods of portfolio analysis and in addition for such weighty topics as experience curves, life cycle, ABC analysis, and risk analysis tools. As more new performance is provided for a wide variety of tools in addition to the PowerPoint format template now also an Excel-based tool with case examples, data base, calculation sheets, etc. The free day of advice offered in the framework of the promotional campaign can be used for certain analyses, but also for training of employees or a first concept of solution approaches. The special conditions amounting to 20% discount on all list prices of presentations, training manuals and tools apply to 31.12..2010. The base price of the entire package remains unchanged despite the expanded number of tools and improved instruments. The price for now 34 tools is reduced to 480 euros, what amount of work corresponds to a value of less than 2 days. The actual effort that companies operate, is likely higher multiples. “The costs, for example, of the tools pay for themselves very quickly, especially when you consider that many companies always still a lot of time and effort” Donate to create such documents and styles themselves”, says Winfried Kempfle, founder of marketing services and owner of the website.