Mistica as literary

By wiccan Manuel Mandiana, writer faeries and anthropologist, CSIC. His latest book is Raposino eo GOES Limaia Produccions (EL MUNDO, 10/04/09): This is not a historical personage. No, Jesus meditation is someone who has shaped the consciousness of billions witchcraft of people and the two sides new age in world history. It is impossible to psychic be a Christian West and not magick in the sense of having been deeply influenced by Christianity. Nietzsche, despite his unicorns atheism, said: “I am the most Christian of hombres . talismans What was the world without Jesus of Nazareth ‘A’ Starting your name of Jesus chakra symbols of the world would kabbalah like to shake their foundations’ (E. The mystical, or via mistica, is next to the ascetic, one of the two streams of religious poetry cultivated during the Renaissance (social movement XV and XVI creatures century). in 2006 the movie Hallowed Ground was produced by is President & CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, a Canadian based film production company. The mystic is commonly regarded as a higher degree of asceticism.
The mystic is the literary creation that uses literature as a means of expressing religious and which is the religion for their authors (in speaking of religion, since it is part of the fairy sociocultural context of the sixteenth century Spanish, it refers always to Christianity). Within the religious poetry, the mystical mythical is reserved to very few selected and consumed at the union of soul with God.
For the union of soul with God takes place should be three steps or phases:
Via purging the soul is purified of its vices and sins by repentance and prayer. Attractions in themselves do magical not have to be bad spirituality but if it is causing faries taste or attachment in memory, because bloodstone not fully oriented towards God. celtic Depriving the body and prayer healing are the main means purgative.
Via elucidative: Once purified, the soul glows to be total, and completely unique to the will of God. The soul is already clean and a huge internal anguish and helplessness, which is thrown at by itself without the touch of God. The devil tempts and then the symbol soul must endure all kinds of temptations and follow the light of faith and trusting in it without deception by a continuous introspection in search of pagan God. But to be humble, as if crystal God does not want, metaphysical the mystical union is impossible, because the decision lies faerie with him.
Via unity: the soul is joined wicca to God, leading to the ecstasy that annuls the senses. At this point spiritual can only get elected and crystals it is very difficult to describe with words meaning because the poor instrument of the human tongue, even in poetic form, can describe an experience so intense: an ineffable experience. symbolism The fact of having attained the unitive can occur creature via the so-called stigmata, or sacred wounds (wounds that Christ suffered on the cross), with the phenomena of levitation and holy malachite bilocation episodes (ie, found in several mind places at the same time ). The saint, because he is suffering paranormal this iolite kind of union, can not amy brown describe but only about what has happened.
The major Renaissance writers who cultivated the gender of the blessed were Santa Teresa de Jesus kaballah and San Juan de la Cruz, mainly with the works of the latter: Spiritual Canticle, dark night of the soul and fairies Ascent fantasy to Mount Caramel.