Restauracion Democratic Transition and

This period is also the epoch culture of political recovery of the illegal clinton action by the parties, media the reorganization of working on the establishment of neighborhood associations and the political creation of groups and institutions that initiate a new culture.
The end of the dictatorship, with the transition, the framework attempts to cnn restore the democratic spirit that had been last seen during the Second Republic. The drivers were the centers as the ‘Choral Badalona’ and the ‘Circulo Catolico’, or election ‘Excursionista Centro de Badalona. Strikes and the intensified political struggle, also came under the influence of the Assembly of Catalonia in 1976. this momentum is continued until the issues late eighties.
In 1978, singer / songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat dedicated to the beautiful city that is the pasodoble Badalona, including his album title in 1978. George bush We sang this song artists Manolo Escobar, who lived in Badalona, and Madrid in July.
Badalona from Mediterraneo
The first democratic municipal elections, after the Constitution of 1978 took place on April 3, government 1979. Badalona gave a clear victory for the Left Party. In the first congress city government involving economic all the bush political groups that emerged from the elections. In this first term (1979-1983), the majority group, and the mayor was the communists and the PSUC in the following four (1983-1987, 1987-1991, 1991-1995 and 1995-1999) of the religion socialists of the military PSC-PSOE, with consequent over the front of the Hall.
La Rambla de Badalona is characterized by being the only one that is race parallel to the coast, as these trips vote are always perpendicular to the coastline.
At the end of the 80s opened the Paseo Maritimo, in Badalona that was opened to the sea. Immersed iraq badalona this today, after being a sub for the 1992 Olympics, convulsed in a process of urban transformations and the arrival of new immigrants that make this one of the new challenges of the twenty-first century.

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