Consumer Behavior

Even if outside experts have not said anything new – do not worry: it is – a necessary test of your competence in the matter, and you honor her with stood. * Consumer Opinion: This is – the last resort to supplement the testing of hypotheses and research your market. About how to interview clients, says a lot. We recall here only the fact that relevant is only that information which is obtained from target customers, and who do you think the target customer – it's up to you (or your marketing agency). When developing a strategy to try to avoid the trap of segmenting standard socio-demographic segmentation (gender, age, etc.).

Instead of using well-known approaches to divide potential customers into groups, it is better to take a little time on the identification and analysis factors that may affect the willingness and ability of customers to buy your product (such as visiting a client ever your site on any search he came to the site, what pages it looked, etc.): these criteria and it makes sense to base the segmentation of potential customers and audience targeting for market research. If possible, pay attention to the sampling frame: it should reflect the structure of the target market as a whole. * Consumer Behavior: When we say that the opinion of customers – the ultimate authority on hypothesis testing your market research, we are actually talking the truth. Really, the main criterion validity of the results of this study is not that they agree with words but with actions of clients.