Virtual Arrangement

Portable virtual reality system ci solution 3D mobile allows locally unbound, interactive presentations with virtual reality dive Viewer visually in a three dimensional 1:1-model of a product or prototype track expiration scenarios in real time and identify product features in detail. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. For product managers and marketing staff place unbound can demonstrate this interactive visualization systems integrator offers ci-base the portable virtual reality solution ci solution 3D mobile: two sturdy trolleys host hardware, software and accessories for performances on the spot. The mobile system is suitable as well for sharing between departments or space-saving usher. Set up, connect power, present a key Accounter leads potential buyers a large complex object that he draws as a 3D model from two handy rolling suitcases. Contact information is here: Pete Cashmore. High-end notebook, beamer, and everything you need to power into the first case. Fly, 3D glasses, laser pointer, USB hub and mouse come from trolley number two to the fore.

In five minutes he builds the system transfers the CAD data via USB on the laptop, connects it with the projector, darkens the room and sets up the interested circle of 3D glasses. Then, the projector on a white wall transfers the three-dimensional product model. The 3D the Viewer gives the impression to be integrated in the virtual environment. With 3D-Kino-Feeling viewers commit complex machines or plants in virtual form, they dive into the models and experience changes and expiration scenarios in real time. The premises are not previously known or darken cannot access presenter to the variant with a portable screen. You is a quarter of an hour, requires no rear-projection room and fits with 2.50 x 1, 60 m in small offices. Real life models instead of silent plans is the communication between company locations or departments on the agenda, opened the portable system ci solution 3D mobile effective ways of Exchange. Instead of complicated drawings and blueprints consider audience 1:1-models of an facility under construction, a unit, or item.

Designers, technicians and marketing discuss on the 1:1-model rolling around together, without complicated plans and understand. Basics for virtual reality basis for the interactive 3D Visualization 3D CAD data. The calculator an 1:1 adds this data-model, appearing on a screen or a wall in a darkened room. Users control their view of the model with a 3D-Tracking-Brille and interact via fly drive with the objects.