Andreas Krieger Athletes

Is it possible to top results in sports without (self) murder? Legally possible is a performance increase? Excellence in sports without doping is even still possible today? Actually this question does not arise, because whether banned or allowed, every professional athlete takes anything. And also very ambitious hobby athletes. To improve the transport of oxygen at the cellular level and to prevent a lack of oxygen better, there is now, for example, a new and completely legal product that is offered with a warranty. It helps to get the maximum possible performance better and therefore is no doping substances. The desire of the faster, higher, further ‘ has always existed. Already funds were used in ancient times to improve performance. Of course often more mystical motivated: lion heart to, for example, the increase in capacity. Nowadays there is a doping list on the numerous banned substances to improve performance are, that are prohibited for good reasons.

Every year more to happen. Occasion of the deaths were listed since the bicycle race in Bordeaux in 1886 or also warriors, who today holds a passport as Andreas Krieger after a surgery vermannlichte female Super athletes, such as, for example, the former shot putter Heidi. Massive forced doping over the years had completely changed her body. Still, he feels the consequences of abuse. Conversely, male athletes, get woman breasts or testicles atrophy. Nevertheless will continue to vigorously doped to enhance performance in sport and physician and chemist racing, if not himself with polluters, the banned substances with their detection methods, appear all the time because new preparations.

No one wants to be caught when it comes to illegal drugs in sports. However, the rod should not be broken on all athletes while also scandals will take to be the viewers more queasy.