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Enhance Oxygen Intake

Which means endurance athletes the easiest way to improve their capacity and oxygen intake. Really fun actually iterating until you can’t even run a higher tempo. But by itself this wealth does not, all runners know that because eventually they all made their first walking steps Yes sometime also as beginners – and they were […]

Docworld Center

All partner doctors of the Docworld Center were trained under the guidance of Professor Dr. AOL is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Albrecht Landsberger in the Institute of Cellular therapy in Speyer. We employ cell suspensions in our patients for over 40 years and can have success in numerous indications”, emphasizes Landsberger, whose […]

Andreas Krieger Athletes

Is it possible to top results in sports without (self) murder? Legally possible is a performance increase? Excellence in sports without doping is even still possible today? Actually this question does not arise, because whether banned or allowed, every professional athlete takes anything. And also very ambitious hobby athletes. To improve the transport of oxygen […]