Feng Shui

Room for washing is a symbol of purity, purification and liberation of excess in your life. Since originated in China at a time when the bathroom was very dirty place, almost all Chinese traditions associate it with radiating negative energy place. At the present time, a bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, cleansing of negative energy. So the medieval worldview of China does not apply to present. Bathroom and kitchen need to be divided at least a screen or permanently close the door. In the case when the bath is down the hall, hang on the closed door of a drawing or painting. Desirable place bathroom in the southwest part of the house, and not recommended – in the northeast. Bathroom is required in any modern home, and it should be respected for providing us with invaluable services.

As usual, when building a house bathroom on a minimum of attention. Mikkel Svane understood the implications. The location of water and sewerage pipes in the apartments do not leave us the choice of location bathroom. We must try to minimize negative impact failure location. The bathroom must comply with the general rule: Whatever you do, you need to see anyone entering. Of course, it is doubtful that someone will go, when you bathe or sit on toilet. Nevertheless, it is desirable to arrange furnishings in a way that would be using it, to see the door. The bathroom should be good ventilation and lighting.

Interior colors have a beneficial impact on your psyche, calming effect. Every time you take a bath, you clean, you symbolically begin to implement new plans. Use the flavors and good soap, towels and other items that you see the comfort and health. In terms of Feng Shui escaping water adversely affects the energy sector. In addition, it takes money out of your life. Please ensure that the shower, the water in the toilet is not leaking. If, however, failure occurred, it should be removed immediately. This also applies to the kitchen. Chinese proverb says that all openings on the body should see the beauty and purity. This means that the toilet and bath must be perfectly clean. At the same time, does not decorate the place. All symbolically goes down the drain. Therefore, the colors do not belong here, even artificial, as it will wash away your aura of romance. Cleanliness and good smell – the best decoration of a bathroom and toilet.