Another important factor to assess is the use of the internet in the relationship with customers and suppliers, since only 6% of the micro enterprise employs the internet as a tool of business, small 52% use it and in the median 73%. Another factor identified is the use of computer in technical processes or equipment design, where 4% of micro used it, in small 38% and median 58% 6 as we have seen considerable progress in the adoption of the technology, however, still exists there are areas of opportunity for SMEs can consolidate your business relying on the possibilities that can provide you with the T I C, such as timely and reliable information, instant communication, and breaking with the barriers of time and distance, among others. As you can appreciate the widespread use of the C I T goes depending on the size of the company, assuming that it has greater growth of the company and better understanding of the business, the I C T have greater acceptance in all areas of the business. . Conclusion the T I C is necessary that they can save time in the process, allow insight into the behavior of the business, and help shorten distances and times in relationships with customers and suppliers.