MBA Case

Some time ago, in a MBA in which I work, I was checking a case of direct marketing on the Internet. Provided that we make this case, I often ask my students what kind of online services used. This question has had different answers over time. But it is obvious that they have evolved in a unique sense: increasingly, more students (more people), use more online services. This tendency has nothing strange. It is obvious that the Internet is an undeniable reality and eventually will incorporate almost all. That’s why I was surprised that, in one of the recent seminars, one student (lawyer) told me that that Internet seemed barbaric but that, except the email and some queries, not used the Web for almost nothing. I fear that, unfortunately, it is not an isolated opinion and that, still, there are more people than we can imagine that they think that Internet is interesting for some things, but is not essential.

I’m sorry and I feel that there is professional that you think this way. I respect everyone but I can not miss the opportunity to say high and of course they are confused. It is curious that an opinion of this style has pronounced it a professional sector services (lawyer). If the network is a powerful tool for any sector, it is doubly when we talk about services. Information, intangible assets and, basically, everything that can be counted and do not need to touch, they operate in fear on the Internet.

In addition, today already do not we say that Internet is a field reserved for large companies. The democratization of technology has made it possible to anyone, without great knowledge, to be able to have a presence on the network. In any case, I would like to remind everyone still doubt that the Internet is not the future can be that.