Buenos Aires

My papers say that I was born in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires city. Years ago however I feel more part of the nomad community. As if my life had a temporary setback to the prehistory of humanity. I’m going through the cities collecting fruits, advancing without sense in a becoming of places that I remember. I’ve been through so many cheap hotels that everyone seems to me equal.

If the reception person is a pretty girl, usually seeking to become intimate with her. I introduce myself as someone serious, but then I’m to the point directly. Sometimes due to the success of the conquest I have managed to not pay the stay or halving the rate. I have so many stories about cheap hotels that could spend hours just talking about them. I have also stopped in family homes, even slept in the street in more than one destination. But I can assure that no history of hosting compares with which they’ve lived in cheap hotels and step. I remember one where I walked like ghost in the hallways, were so great that corridor that one could take more than five minutes to arrive from one end to the other.

He walked slowly, trying to guess who was staying on the other side of each door. I was wondering if they would be humble but happy families. Perhaps it was a clandestine couple who should hide in places like these to melt in the more forbidden desires. Few times I have come to listen to the screams of unbridled passion. But the mere idea of guess between the sheets filled my head of an inexplicable joy. I’ve been in cheap hotels where served breakfasts of Kings. In those cases, I get up early. Try to arrive on time in which comes the girl with pitchers full of milk and freshly brewed coffee. I try to drink several cups of each product. The first is always pure coffee and sugar-free. I’m looking for its pungent flavor to finish opening my eyes and get rid of sleepy clumsiness of the body. Then prepare a bowl with enough milk and little coffee. SIP it slowly, usually accompanied by two or three toasts. If there is to prepare chocolate, usually do not miss me it. Chocolate gives energy to endure all day without bite. And then, before departing, complete a large glass of orange juice to strengthen defenses. Once I’m ready, I go back to the street with my luggage in tow, you never know if I will go back to sleep in the same place. At this moment I have in hand a passage of train that I changed by an expensive watch. I think that it brings me to the other side of the border of the country in which I am. If you only knew the language, things here origin simpler. Original author and source of the article.