FTP Browser

Opera Mini it’s free Java browser that allows you to surf the Internet with mobile phones, Wap sites as well as on Web sites. The map of sites is carried out in a qualitative way. Opera Mini is probably the most popular browser in the world. What is the feature of this popularity? Opera Mini can be downloaded for free from the official site, and sites, and file archives of other projects. Including the site Brause.Ru.

The browser is simple to navigate. Easy to learn beginner and will be interesting even for experienced users. It also compresses the traffic fine, which of course allows you to download Opera Mini for free, enjoy it while successfully saving on the cost of Internet connection at the cellular operators. After while not all mobile operators in our country has affordable unlimited internet rates. Opera Mini for all its free and secure is a beautiful animated interface.

Also in this browser does not take advertising half of the home page, as in other programs of this kind, but has little useful list of links. As with any popular program Opera Mini has a lot of modifications that can be downloaded on the network completely free. Among them was a modified version with a graphical interface, and powerful program with built-in file managers and loaders, ftp-clients and a large set of servers. And it is also Opera Mini. Opera Mini, it seems, progresses from versions. For example the first and second version of this application with difficulty opened the web page of a weight of 50 kb., And the 5th version of Opera Mini is able to open the pages of almost any size, but it is possible to open and read txt files. In a network other than the official version of “walks” a variety of free modifications affecting its functionality. The built-in browser, FTP-access to copy the text to a web page. Therefore, whatever Your browser was on the phone, be sure to download the free Opera Mini and stay in online with your family and friends.