Sony Ericsson

It is made of plastic and aluminum, which favorably affected the strength. However, between the halves of the slider is visible a small backlash. Sony Ericsson K850i Polk pyatimegapikselnikov arrived! Swedish concern now decided to try himself in the field "fototelefonov." Indeed, the quality of images obtained by above-average, and even video can be viewed on the computer. A worthy competitor for digital cameras and digital camcorders. Read more from AOL to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If the 5 megapixel.

camera was the only highlight of the device, we would have talked about it longer, but Sony Ericsson K850i was seen much more unique features, and, in our opinion, they were much more interesting. First, the producer of the first to use touch control. Implemented it in part, under the sensitive keyboard given to only three soft-keys, which I must say, manifest themselves very worthy. Pressing obtained a clear and palpable. Secondly, the phone supports two full size memory cards: Memory Stick Micro (M2) or MicroSD. Such a solution is found infrequently in the market. With the move does not even remember counterparts. And thirdly, the built-in motion sensor device.

The player is implemented sensibly, despite the fact that the model does not apply to a series of Walkman. Sorting by genre, artist, tracks, etc. The quality of play is standard for Sony Ericsson and does not cause criticism. You can not say the dimensions of the device. They would be worthwhile to reduce slightly. Motorola MOTO Z8 first thing that catches your eye – this is an unusual design decision. First, in their bright yellow mobile phones have not painted one. And secondly, in MOTO Z8 used a unique form factor – the so-called Kick-Slider. Feature of it is that when you open the sliding mechanism like the tube is bent. And it's not in the form of the case, but in special hinges fixed to the outer of the device. A rather convenient and functional: the speaker is much closer to the cellular to the mouth. After a pleasant impression of an unusual design decision even more bitter was the disappointment of most multi-media. The player, though quite easy to handle, the sound leaves much to be desired. Did not help even quality headphones that are inserted through the adapter. But it's like an external speaker. It is located on the bottom of the slider, but the design allows the phone to him and not hide in the closed position. When playing it produces clear sound, unusual for other external speakers.