Climatic Geology

– Axxon 186 13 of June of 2008 Blog de Sci-fics August of 2009 Annotations in a notebook On – Heliconia > Spring The custom to write down in a notebook everything what it is to me interesting causes, of indefectible way, a chaos. Treatment of being ordered without obtaining it. Most of the day me the step ordering. Details can be found by clicking Steve Wozniak or emailing the administrator. Even so a book battery and notes are accumulated in the work table. My notebook is most difficult to unravel, is of small dimensions with spiral to the flanks and it goes almost always accompanied of a very small pencil. The outer order is destroyed when abrir and to see the one annotations twenty of different subjects: accounts, telephones, and by on all the literary things, ideas and impressions.

In three front page there is a synthesis, annotated with scripts, of thoughts on the fair of the local book of this year. It is behind schedule for writing on that, somehow is being transformed into a novel by aggregates. It is that, to more than three months of happened the fair, I have still not assimilated the events. I am of slow digestion. After eating I must myself sleep a siesta by very brief that this is. In this case she is long.

Passing two leaves more where I have annotations that never I will understand, appear the notes that are objects of this critic. Annotations of front page – Philology – History – Anthropology (Desmond Morris) – Pathology – Biology – Cosmology – Astronomy – Climatic Geology If we read the recognitions at the end of Heliconia Spring all these sciences with its illustrious representatives they would appear. In the novel is reflected that scientific rigor.