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A login, many functions, optimal BiPRO processes! Dusseldorf, 24 October 2011 independent intermediaries have to struggle daily with different logins, and workflows with the insurance company. With zentralen access for easy login, sign up only once and have direct access to the portals of the members of the single sign-on e. V. Brokers have access to their customer and contract data, transactions and correspondence the extranets of now nine insurers and a pool and can view or trigger workflows with the insurer. But despite single sign-on is different from each extranet, is different to use and offers other services: Exchange of correspondence and information about business transactions such as Kundigungen, notified outstanding claims, pending contributions or by amendments to the treaties. All this can be difficult to download on your own PC, manage or distribute to employees. Studies have shown that different logins and work processes in the Extranets of the independent brokers insurers lead to considerable administrative effort. Client easy with the software”will now further optimize the workflows of their intermediary the single sign-on e.

V. industry initiative. We want to give more time for the business, for the customer advice and support our 9,500 agents. That’s why we support you with the easy client’. To offer our members an even better service their intermediaries and provide streamlined workflows”, says Rolf Louis, Chairman of the Board of the single sign-on e. V. BiPRO standards and the b-tix BiPRO client as a basis of the easy client” is based on the b-tix BiPRO client of b-tix GmbH specialised in BiPRO and works much like an E-Mail program. The intermediary, pick up just as easily and uniformly his agency post by the insurer as it gets messages from multiple email addresses in Microsoft Outlook. Each easy login insurer provides a private mailbox the mediator for BiPRO standard and populates it regular transactions and documents.