Beautiful Skin For Life

Your facial skin is a reflection of health. Physical activity, balanced nutrition, sleep and mood, combined with the correct product for skin care – an essential condition for beauty Your skin. Everything you need – is to select an individual program of care, depending on the characteristics and type of your skin. And to help with this you can Optimals series products from Oriflame, which are carefully and gently care for your skin protect it from the negative impact of environmental factors. If you have normal, dry and sensitive skin, stop your choice on a series of Optimals "Nutri-comfort." At the core products of this series is a soothing Complex, rich in flavonoids and saponins of plant origin, which has powerful soothing properties and relieves skin irritation (redness) and extract of black currant, which is intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Series is suitable for all age groups. If your skin needs extra moisture (very important in the spring, and after the holiday at the seaside), then pay attention to a series of Optimals "Hydration and comfort." This series products are suitable for all ages and moisturize the skin 24 hours a day, thanks to technology HydrFix, forming on the skin surface invisible protective barrier that prevents dehydration skin cells. The result of application of this series is an instant hydration, restoration of water balance and freshness of your skin. If you have oily or combination skin (oily and prone to inflammation in the T-zone: nose, forehead, chin and cheek in the area can be very dry), then you need to normalize the status of fatty areas, remove excess sebum and moisturize dry skin. Thanks to the balancing complex and extracts of birch, the products of this series possess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, narrow pores, matting the skin and give it a healthy look. Series can be enjoyed by all age groups.