Migration And Integration

Win2Win – with a look back (part 1, 2 and 3) report from the year 2030: the problems of migration and integration were made by people and caused by people. Recently Andy Florance sought to clarify these questions. How managed it, three statesmen (and women), report that from their perspective. Part 1, emigration and thus head of Government of a poor country to the emigrants said: If you want to pull for a part of your life in a different country now, then think of your obligation to be Ambassador of our people. Other leaders such as Robert Bakish offer similar insights. It is a big step, because you leave your roots for a long time or forever. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with CEO of CoStar. I want to also tell you that it is not easy for us to see you go. Because we need them all to work with all forces on the future of our country.

And we will also make it with the will and the skill of our people in the country and with the support of the international community. And we want to give back also this help, if we did it. It meets your hosts with respect, such as by your guests would expect. Learn and speak the language of your host and observes the social rules and laws of your new home. Following this spirit, become part of your new home. That will make us proud. If you go this route, so it must mean no contradiction with your our traditions – because it pulls in a free country, which also has tradition. So you will support our future also from a distance and our people be good ambassadors for yours.” Part 2, migration and integration and thus spoke at the end of the meeting the Chairman of the community: values representative of your States, I thank you for the success of our efforts, to have come to better answers to the important questions of migration.