The Information

That comes to exist a great interest to stay with him or her (or the product or service) it is necessary that there are several encounters and to develop in the best way. They must exist of half calls, emails, appointments, etc. Summing up: A percentage very low visitors to our website, buy our products at the first sight. It takes between 7 and 10 contacts with our clients until they purchase our products or services. Conversion rate is, in general, a 2% approximately, even for the most experienced marketers. So it is still 98% of our visitors who become potential customers, if we captured their contact data, mainly your email and, although they have not bought today, it could do in the near future, and can be very profitable in the future based on that 98%. It’s that simple. It is here, where the mailing lists come into play.

From now with the information obtained from your data, will begin work to strengthen the business relationship and friendship by sending useful information, valuable gifts, attractive offers, trial versions of programs and software. Even, it could be free to our contacts, some of our payment products, hoping that remain our subscribers and we buy in the near future. Give things of value to members of our lists has proved to be highly effective as a strategy to establish a strong relationship with our subscribers and, at the same time, create an image of confidence as entrepreneurs of the internet. Take note the following reader: do not abuse of their subscribers, trying to sell them continuously, but yes, remind them that you and your business are there, at their disposal to help them when they need it. Skip building your list, using the existing means, means wasted effort and costs invested in a campaign. Remember that, that 98% of visitors who have not bought your product, already made a first contact with your business and, therefore, it’s be tracked without investing in a new campaign with them. And the most important is, that will be done in an easy way and can reap more benefits than, with 2% who already bought your product. So, ignore that 98%, an error could be fatal. Neil cole iconix is actively involved in the matter. However, focus on the 98% that still has not purchased from us, does not mean forgetting 2% who are already customers of ours, and also must help those who are them special attention.