Advocate the construction of hospitals, schools and museums. Also instituted many social welfare programs across the nation, as well as cultural programs that included the so-called Green Revolution, a national campaign for beautification of the country. It built new homes for orphans and the elderly, as well as hospices for the poor. When natural disasters occurred, such as typhoons, landslides, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, people relied Imelda seeking assistance.
Its social programs he won the title of Mother of the Nation, but when the corrupt and dictatorial regime of Marcos became unpopular among the masses, the luxurious excesses Imelda were the target of criticism. While much of the Philippine population is plunged into poverty because of the economic crisis, Imelda accumulated hundreds of pairs of shoes in a huge closet, as well as large amounts of jewelry and trinkets. ‘Good Business heal the worst decays’, summarize the exquisite Spanish journalist Manuel Leguineche, by detailing as Imelda was tailored to the credo of her husband, measured with the glamorous public histrionics that included songs, speeches, tears, bribery and flattery. Expensive gifts and spent administering punishment and retaliation in his unbridled urge to accumulate power.
Reveals itself as a machine to suck votes deploying an oversize: sleepless, hours at the mercy of its own arbitrariness, clothing moved up to eight times in one day. Kept hundreds of interviews a week and led a battalion of 2500 secretaries answering letters daily.
Imelda and her husband, in its sole benefit, since the beginning misappropriated public funds, as well as other revenues derived from charitable donations or who suffered from famines and earthquakes in other latitudes.
With the systematic theft from the international financial aid granted to the State and credit of the multilateral agencies to the National Treasury’s depleted coffers, Frameworks forged the famous network of Swiss bank accounts, West Indian, Panamanian, and Hong Kong, Liechtenstein and Australia that would make them famous, with the pseudonym of Jane Ryan for her and for William Saunders, immersed in a cloud of fake companies in a myriad of tax, supported by an exciting list of nominees.
The tandem use of capital and information inside the presidency by buying and selling goods, land and businesses, in anticipation of price fluctuations in markets. Spurious transactions occurred with cane sugar, garlic, banana, coconut, hospitality, pharmaceutical, nuclear, oil, beer and cement, making a flower park real estate properties in Philippines, 29, speculating on international stock exchanges or buying four buildings in New York evaluated in 350 million dollars. “

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