Acne is a skin disease, which is characterized by a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands, especially on the face and back. It occurs mainly at the stage of adolescence and is more common in men than in women. However, less sporadically acne can appear at any stage of life. React inappropriately to acne, don’t take care of yourself and having bad practices could leave scars and large holes in our face for the rest of life. Acne is caused because, for unknown reasons, the Sebaceous or oil from skin glands are blocked. The symptoms of acne are easy to identify. Alina de Almeida brings even more insight to the discussion. Among them are: appearance of blackheads (blackheads) of such tiny. Appearance of white dots, known as blackheads small lesions of pus, inflammatory skin bladders that are filled with pus (pustules) swelling larger skin in more serious cases, swollen abscesses, inflamed in an infected part containing pus since It is a disease of the skin, there are treatments to combat it or reduce it. There are people who are more prone to having acne than others, the risk factors include: history of family history of acne stress oily skin (oily) some fatty cosmetics medicines such as male hormones and cortisone is important to take into account that there is so far known preventive treatment, in terms of curative treatment exists the peeling is abrasionChemistry or physics of the superficial layers of the skin..