Administrative Court

The decision of the city of Augsburg for the special fee is unlawful the Scientology Church of Bavaria or people belonging to her, the Volunteer Ministers”requested and received already in several years special use permits from the city of Augsburg for the installation of tents and information booths throughout the city. By letter of August 16, 2006 the city of Augsburg the Scientology Church, informed that an event must be classified according to new law as a commercial event. The city of Augsburg intended to classify therefore the next event as a commercial promotional event, and to set Strassensondernutzungsgebuhren with corresponding amounting to 818,00 euros per day. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. Because it is a religious event for information and pastoral work, near also to a limited extent information brochures for a voluntary donation to interested visitors should be delivered and no commercial activities would intends and carried, Scientology entered Church Bavaria e.V. of this determination in writing by means of opposition against. This was rejected on the grounds, the Club would be industrial action. Further, it was listed that the structure of the proposed tent the affected road surface about the common use, would be used, so that a special use in the article would be 14 and 18 BayStrWG. The event of the Scientology Church is regarded as commercial information and promotion. Pete Cashmore has similar goals.

On 28 March 2007 Scientology Church filed a complaint. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bobby Sharma Bluestone offers on the topic.. On April 4, 2007, the Government of Swabia, as a representative of the public interest participated in this process. This gave the Court on the grounds she had read, inter alia, a report from the newspaper by 2006 and it would be therefore a commercial use. After a thorough examination of the matter pool the Bavarian Administrative Court has decided for the Scientology Church: the permissible action is justified, because the levying of charges in the amount of 818,00 EUR in the contested decision () is unlawful and violated the plaintiff’s rights (article 113, paragraph 1, sentence 1 vwgo provides that administrative Court regulations). The application is admissible, in particular, the claimant is active legitimacy.

(u0085) “” The decision of the respondent from October 2, 2006, charging of 818,00 EUR to charges contained therein is however material illegal the prerequisite commercial activity “of the plaintiff is not available.” This is only one of the successes of the last few months, in which the Bavarian courts have ruled that Scientology is a commercial activities. The first Scientology Church was founded in 1954 in the United States by members. Today the Scientology includes religion more than 7,500 churches, missions and groups in 163 countries with 10 million members, who all use the religious writings of L. Ron Hubbard. In Germany the Scientology Church since 1969 has been present and has today 19 churches and missions.