Innovation Stands Out

Zenomlive opens new sister Portal Lavisiona ZenOmLive is your competent partner for media life advice using clairvoyance, divination and Cartomancy. Around the clock, you can reach the renowned experts such as Paula Stern, Nikola – Stirijana, BeEngel, Hanna-Gloria, Asara, medium Rasputin of ZenOm. You can reach over 100 selected advisors, Tarot experts, astrologers, fortune tellers and psychics on the Expert Portal ZenOmLive and in addition to fair prices and ZenOmLive is top conditions for creativity and customer friendliness. Every month you will find great promotions and specials from our consultants at ZenOmLive. , As a new customer you get the best of course also with us a Gratisgesprach to a Gratisberater of your choice. The success proves us right here! ZenOmLive is one of the most fastest growing portals of the past 3 years. Innovation, professionalism and customer-friendliness characterise us and since we work ZenOmLive with the motto “Consulting with quality by selected experts!” Since March 2013, we have extended our offer. Our Sister Portal LVisiona has been online since 15.03.2013.

LVisiona offers the expertise and professionalism of us and combines this with prices of consultants that are all experts at LVisiona to obtain the special condition of 0.98 / min.. In addition, LVisiona offers the innovative project “star guest consultant”. Each week you will find a top experts as star guest consultant at LVisiona. Alina de Almeida takes a slightly different approach. The star guest advisors can be found usually at much higher rates and offers special price exclusively at LVisiona his top advice to the LVisiona. Every Sunday we greet a new star guest Advisor, which can be reached only in this week for you on LVisiona. We remain true to our philosophy on LVisiona: consulting with quality by selected experts so we are your future one step ahead. Take advantage of the opportunity and experience competence, honesty, transparency, and experience through ZenOmLive.

Whether to minus 50% discount, happy hours, price or percent actions or individual contests. At ZenOmLive, you are always right. We would like to invite you to see for yourself. Try one of our experts in the course of the Gratisgespraches and also free call in our service center. Learn more about ZenOmLive and the benefits. With us, you have no obligation, no liabilities not window dressing. We deliver what we promise. We are looking forward to you. ZenOmLive Bernhard Schwendemann