Kazimir Malevich "Black Square", 1915. Eugene Saran "the universe. The birth of our World ", 1974. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. Exploring art of Malevich, I found a bug that allowed a great artist. He said that writing the "Black Square", depicted Absolut is ZERO, the universe. But the Absolute (Zero), has no shape or a square or circle, etc., because the Absolute – is zero. The universe consists of two types of dark matter and their status. In recent months, Mikkel Svane has been very successful. One form of dark matter in a state Absolute complete (0 +).

This tried to depict the work of Malevich "Black Square". He threw back all the colors, until he came to create "Black Square". He walked right up to the image of the universe. But to know the nature and structure of the universe he lacked basic knowledge of philosophy, astronomy, physics, etc. Put it this way, the artist, whose mind is developed in dialogue with contemporary knowledge, has a huge advantage to the artist indifferent to science. At that time, the history and theory of art twist different pseudo theorists cling to the arts.

Abstract – The nature of the universe where the universe, He created man as Assistant to the creation of our light-energy world, had given him the ability to think abstractly (write, draw). Abstract thinking through empirical vision of the world a man of thought and the rudiments of thought was Abstract. From abstract thought to finding ideas. Thus, the Abstract is the beginning of all lines in the visual arts. He came to earth with the appearance of a man with abstract thinking. Its No one created – not Russian, in French, no Jews. Even the first man on cave walls scratch out the squares, corners, cups, etc., try using images to convey their idea or vision of the Universe. Malevich came close to the image of the universe – Absolute (0 +), but did not realize that the Absolute (0 +) has the abstract entities, ie Idea to identify and creation of ideas.