Buddha, Buddhists And Buddhism

Buddhism does not a personal God. The origin of Buddhism goes back to the Prince Siddharta Gautama. Filed under: Pete Cashmore. Buddhism is the oldest of three world religions. The main number of his followers live in Asia: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Mongolia, Korea, Viet Nam, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos. The total number of Buddhists in the world is difficult to determine: such counts were nowhere performed. But one can roughly say that in the world today about 400 million people profess Buddhism and it is also about a million monks and nuns.

Possibilities for Buddha’s instruction before two and a half thousand years had Buddha the unique opportunities for his teaching: he was surrounded by very talented students. He could show the essence for 45 years to the full opening of the mind, Buddha used his own funds. One noted his work to create Buddhas In Buddhism. It is the large collection of the own words of Buddha, which after his death written down; 108 volumes, containing 84 thousand of useful legislation. The students make comments or 254 volumes. Buddha’s last words of Buddhism reminds us of the last Buddha’s words, which he said at the age of 80 years, before life had left the body: “I can die happy I left no instruction in the closed Palm of the hand.

I already gave everything that is useful for the people”. What you in life directly used Buddha gave what you can immediately use in life. He paid attention to the all-round development of the people – the conscious use of the body, speech and mind. Based on the experience since the Buddhist teaching is versatile and is based on the experience, you can be confined not only with a description of the contents. The special features of Buddhism will be visible only in comparison with a different view of the world. The founder of the spiritual tradition of Buddhism is a religion of Buddha in the 6th century BC and Z. was founded. All Buddhists make sure the Buddha as the founder of the intellectual tradition that bears his name. Almost in all directions of Buddhism, there are monks, whose Mitglieder occur as a teacher and priest for the people. Tibetan Buddhism the State of spiritual perfection to the target of the faithful is the happy state of insight and the liberation from the shackles “I”. The State of spiritual perfection is obtained through humility, generosity, mercy, the abstention of violence and self control. The law about the cause and the effect Buddha talks about rebirth. The doctrine of reincarnation involves the karmic retribution of the Act. But what does karma in Buddhism because? It is simply a law about the cause and the effect. Buddhism focuses on the cycle of life. And when others see no way out, which is quite different with Buddha he has the solution. Korean Buddhism difference between the rebirth and reincarnation you should but in Buddhism the difference between the Renaissance and the See reincarnation. The notion of rebirth”, you think Yes to an eternal soul, but that excludes Buddhism, there is no self, which is eternal, so it can not be born. Then this is called reincarnation.