Commercial Director

"Production of European-style – is not only the latest equipment and technology but also multi-tiered system of quality control – says Leo Minullin, Commercial Director, td propleks (the exclusive supplier of pvc profiles produced in Russia in the Austrian technologies). – We are working on the Austrian extrusion equipment for the compounding of the raw mix, developed by experts of this country for Russian conditions. Composition of components adapted to our climatic conditions, in particular, to a frosty winters. Moreover, additives (pigments, stabilizers, plasticizers, etc.) are delivered to us directly from Austria ". Each batch of raw material input is hard to control quality control laboratory at the plant propleks.

Regularly carried out tests on samples of products according to parameters such as strength, heat resistance, color surface. A special climate control simulated weather effects in real-world conditions. Samples of the profile is subjected to several tens of cycles of wetting and exposure to ultraviolet light, and then examined for signs of damage, changes in color and strength characteristics. If the samples did not pass at least one test, reject the entire batch of profiles, as manufacturing technology is adjusted to eliminate the violations. Such a quality control system to meet most severe European standards, ensure that the profile was released at a factory in Moscow or Siberia, is no different from fellow extruded somewhere Bavaria or the outskirts of Vienna. However, Russian consumers are often unaware that the "pedigree" of pvc profile and its quality – this is not the only conditions for long life plastic window.