Culture AfroBrazilian

INTRODUCTION Brazil is multicultural and a pluritnico one. This is certainly an affirmation that few Brazilians would disagree, after all, is a reality that is printed in the face of this people, the mixture of race and diverse cultures if it makes to perceive in all territory and in its inhabitants, throughout the formation of the Brazilian people, traces of the diverse cultures who had contributed for this formation, they had been if incorporating for then giving origin ' ' culture of the people brasileiro' '. Ahead of this ' ' harmoniosa' ' miscegenation, would be natural also to affirm that in Brazil all the cultures that had contributed for its formation, are respected with equality, would be natural to affirm that the same ones do not suffer to any type of preconception or discrimination. Unhappyly this is not the Brazilian reality. Mainly in what afro says respect to the negation of the cultures and black. In this article, that if he intended was to argue and to understand which they are the educational proposals of Brazil contemporary, for study and valuation of the Culture Afro-Brazilian in the educational establishments With the advent of law 10939/2003 that it becomes obligator education on History and Culture Afro-Brazilian in the basic and average educational establishments, one perceives advances in the actions of the public politics with the purpose to inside diminish the discrimination of this culture of the Brazilian society. It can affirm, that the reasons that apiam this law are in the beginning of that it is necessary to know deeply influences it and the contributions of some cultural matrices culture afro gifts in the Brazilian culture, for then being able to understand it and consequently to value it and to respect it. To educate for the ethnic-racial relations primordially implies to reflect on the peculiar way it Brazilian people, to deal with the questions that if they relate to the racial diversity and cultural of the country it stops in it intervining.