Edgar Tinel (1854-1912) – Belgian Composer Of The Late Romantic Period

On his 99th anniversary of death Friday, October 28, 2011. While my great-great grandfather Henry Lambertz at Huy to the pastry chef training, my cousin grows up in Sinaai Edgar Tinel, 5 degree. Monday, March 27, 1854 in Sinaai-WAAS was born Petrus Josephus of dispose of Edgar Tinel. Sinaai belongs to Flanders Orientale and is located 55 kilometres north west of Brussels, and is named after Mt. Sinai.

He dies at the age of 58 on Monday, October 28, 1912, in Brussels. Edgar Tinel is a late romantic. The late romantic music can clearly differentiate themselves from 1860 to 1910. Their characteristics are: a very large Orchestra, Tinel uses a very large choir (s. Godelieve five choirs), concert music instead of Chamber music, drama, Verism, greater use of harmony and of counterpoint. Learn more at this site: Zendesk. Edgar Tinel is a Belgian composer, music professor and pianist Directeur Conservatoire Royal Bruxelles. Vita the Tinel line descended from the Carolus Antonius Tinel that is born in the area near Pavia.

He comes to 1700 in the Flemish town of Geraardsbergen (French) Grammont). On Wednesday, the 24 April 1743, he dies at the age of over 100 years. Carolus Antonius is probably a traveling professional. His descendants are masons, carpenters and small farmers. The father of Edgar Tinel is Petrus Franciscus (* 20 March 1824/25 Elene 29.7.1876 Saint Gilles). He called in the dialect of the area of probably Peersies. He is the youngest of the eleven children of Petrus Joannes (1778-1828) Tinel and Berlin DIS de Mangeleir (1779-1863). Because of his wisdom, to school a young Cowherd is sent and trained to be a teacher. in 1854, Edgar Tinel in the Sinaaischen comes Schoolhouse as the second of eleven children to the world. His mother is Catherine of wagemans (1823-1881). His father attaches great importance to the musical education of all its children. After the three elders have studied Oscar, Edgar and Edmond in almost inhuman conditions at the Conservatory, he gives his eldest son Oscar his place in the village of Sinaai.