International Festival Series

Free-trade-area network of Ensemble Koln – GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 2008 international festival series platform for dance & theatre Cologne dance and theater scene looking for international networking: globalisation not only for companies, but as a free flow of views, hopes and wishes, works of art and ideas. Therefore the free trade area builds a theatrical air bridge in the world and welcomes the second time allied theatre and dance productions in Cologne from mid-February until May 2008. Each of the four ensembles in the free trade area will host of a foreign group consists of an artistic affinity. This concept brings GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 2008 three premieres of Germany and a world premiere to Cologne. To sharpen the perception of the others such as for own, the four episodes of the guest performance series of a production from abroad are facing ever a current production from the free trade area and invite to a lively cultural exchange. GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE is Cologne Audience a series with international artists to their work that is pioneering and inspiring. The free trade area will with her guest performance series of Cologne as a global village”strengthen and enrich the cultural life in Cologne International Theatre and dance performances. GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE is intended to reveal opportunities and possibilities, see the artists and art lovers in the increasingly interconnected world.

Offering the theatre companies from Czech Republic, France, Belgium, and the Switzerland that push boundaries artistically in various ways, GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE the possibility of intense artistic and intercultural exchange. The first season of GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE has already borne fruit: guest performances have established themselves, networks were expanded. Learn more at: BCD. In the long term, this structure should enable international cooperations between companies and institutions – what long time in other cities to the everyday life of the theatre-maker is one. Farm in the cave: “SCLAVI the song of on imigrant” but first want the international Guests and their Cologne hosts open the curtain and the Cologne audience: GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 2008 # 1-4 new light on Cologne stages! presented by: free trade ensemble network Cologne, futur3,, MOUVOIR, theatre in cooperation with: StadtRevue Cologne magazine sponsored by: Kunststiftung NRW, Cologne, RheinEnergieStiftung culture, SK Foundation culture, Czech-German future Fund, Pro Helvetia. Info, maps, program on or 0221-985 45 30 contact: N. Speyer presse(at)