Educational Attendance Specialized

A contact with the parents who live similar situations must count on some guarantees, since nor all families can continuously nos be exempt of a certain component of rivalry, comparing the evolution of the respective children. In the meeting of parents, at the first moments, she can be interesting the professional mediation or the initial formation of the veteran parents to know as to help the news efficiently. (PANIAGUA: In Coll, et. al. 2004, p.337) In Brazil exists the NAAH/S (Nuclei of activities of High Abilities/superendowment) that it makes attendance the children and adolescents with high abilities/superendowment, for the parents and offers to courses for professionals of the education area and other similar ones.

The information on the high abilities is basic for the familiar ones, however acolhedora family, an environment favorable to the learning, the affection and the socialization of the person with ability above average are essential factors for the development of the capacities or talentos for it presented. Silvia Helena Alto Brando in the article Educational Attendance Specialized the Pupils with High abilities/superendowment: one to look at from the description-cultural theory explains: As complex and regulating psychological function of the behavior the voluntary attention is subsidized by other functions as the perception, the memory, the thought and the emotion under the form of internal resources auxiliary that function in set. The affectivity is a human component of great influence in the education processes, learning and development. When reading a text, the marcantes stretches how much to the affective aspect they gain dimension of importance thanks to the decurrent significant register of the provoked feeling. (BRANDO, 2010) If intelligence is primordial factor for the cognitivo development of the individual, the feeling that if awakes in it in relation to the object of the knowledge is motivador aspect for the learning or the blockade of the same one.